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Best DevOps Tools to Master in 2022

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Technologies are improving day by day that aims at catering to the needs of individuals and businesses. However, software companies require some tools when they want to improve productivity. DevOps is a technique or approach that provides methods to make changes in software applications. It even helps users to update them as soon as possible by using automation. On the other hand, IT companies should choose the best DevOps tools which work well for their project. They even show ways to ensure smooth operations of a company that will help obtain optimal results.

Knowing more about some best DevOps tools to use in 2022

1. Kubernetes or K8s

Kubernetes or k8s devops tools

Kubernetes is one of the DevOps tools to master in 2022 because it comes with various features. This open-source system runs on many hybrids enabling users to experience the desired outcomes. It is a perfect choice for scaling both mobile and web applications. Not only that, the tool allows developers to meet exact needs in container management.

2. Docker

Docker devops tools

Docker is another DevOps tool that provides ways to access the containers and execute apps in a remote environment. The primary advantage of this tool is that it allows developers to explore many images online with ease. Furthermore, it features a standardized packaging format that suits different apps. It even runs on different windows and other operating systems to ensure high efficiency.

3. Nagios

Nagios devops tools

Nagios is a popular tool that features in the DevOps tools list because it comes with several features. Some of them include problem remediation, proactive planning, customizable codes, vibrant community, reporting, extendable architecture, etc. It offers automatic solutions for problems to perform tasks with high efficiency. The tool is an open-source platform that is free to use.

4. Ansible

Ansible devops tools

Ansible is one of the top DevOps tools meant for developers which is primarily made for automation and collaboration. The tool makes featool is an open-source platformsible ways to enhance productivity with excellent features. It is ideal for multi-tier app development and helps to handle systems with high accuracy. Another thing about the tool is that is stable and authentic.

5. Git

Git devops tools

Git is a very powerful DevOps tool for open-source contributors and remote teams to obtain optimal results. The distributed source code management (SCM) enables developers to track their progress in app development. Some other features offered by the tool include branch workflow, distributed development, quicker release cycle, etc.

6. Puppet

Puppet devops tools

Puppet is an open-source DevOps tool that comes with master-slave infrastructure. It gives ways to automate infrastructure management with the latest features. Besides that, the tool supports several operating systems that will help achieve better results.

7. Jira

Jira devops tools

Jira is one of the best DevOps tools that support project management applications. The tool also comes with scrum and Kanban boards allowing developers to use them directly for agile development. The tool enables users to develop their procedures accordingly to manage a project with ease.

8. Selenium

Selenium devops tool

Selenium is another DevOps tool designed for automating web-based apps with automation approaches. The tool has three components such as the gird, IDE, and web driver. It makes feasible ways to create scalable scripts and allows developers to build testing scripts in various languages.

9. Prometheus

Prometheus devops tool

Prometheus is one of the tools that feature in the DevOps tools list that supports container monitoring with different features. They include easy customization, flexible query language, node exporter, metrics, and so on. The tool is simple to configure allowing developers to scale with the federation and functional sharding.

10. Splunk

Splunk devops tool

Splunk is one of the top DevOps tools that provide ways to integrate with IoT smoothly. It accepts data in different formats and offers business analytics. Also, the tool gives ways to check logs that will help understand possible problems.

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