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Best Crypto Trading Firms in 2023

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In the vast world of cryptocurrencies, substantial gains have piqued the interest of traders globally. Yet, as you know, high rewards often come with high risks. The expansive opportunities in the crypto space may seem enticing, but not everyone possesses the required capital or risk threshold to dive in confidently.

This is where crypto prop trading firms come into the picture, bridging the gap and connecting you, whether a newbie or an experienced trader, to the vast potential of the crypto market.

These firms equip you with the necessary platforms, resources, and funds, all reinforced with cutting-edge tools and a secure pool of capital.

In this context, we’re here to offer an in-depth look into the best crypto prop trading firms, outlining their unique offerings, advantages, and an overview of what each company brings.

1. Fidelcrest

Fidelcrest optimizes the trading process, tailored for crypto lovers like you. They present a spectrum of crypto assets that align with diverse trading tastes. What’s commendable is their attractive profit-sharing model, which ensures you’re fairly compensated for your expertise and tactics.

You can benefit from their efficient payout system, sparing you with prolonged waits. Recognizing the inherent uncertainties in trading, Fidelcrest fortifies its stance with rigorous risk management measures.

For you, this means an additional safety net. Their all-encompassing trader support and access to superior trading platforms remain a hallmark, with these platforms brimming with tools that guide your trading choices.

Fidelcrest regularly introduces contests and incentives, intensifying the trading game and valuing excellence.

2. City Traders Imperium

At City Traders Imperium, they revolutionize the crypto trading arena by unveiling a formidable platform anchored by a sophisticated evaluation system.

This guarantees alignment with the firm’s modus operandi while tapping into its vast resources. You can explore a broad spectrum of assets, spanning crypto and commodities, paving the way for expansion and diversification.

Their pioneering support for News Trading provides a competitive advantage in harnessing market dynamics. Notably, their 70-30 profit sharing echoes their value proposition. They’ve also fostered a thriving community of top-tier traders, a treasure trove of strategies and insights for traders at all levels.

Their all-inclusive, engaging educational arsenal ensures you’re well-equipped to thrive. City Traders Imperium’s unwavering commitment to trader growth distinguishes itself.

3. E8 Funding

E8 Funding finds the sweet spot between straightforward trading regulations and broad crypto access, enabling you to channel your energies into pure trading.

Their platform underscores adaptability in asset offerings and permissible trading strategies alike. With a generous 75-25 profit division, they prioritize your hard-earned rewards. Their prompt funding mechanisms ensure you can enter the market without undue hold-ups.

E8 Funding’s dedication to mirroring real market scenarios during evaluations preps you for genuine market challenges. If you’re searching for avant-garde tools, E8 Funding stands ready to deliver, complemented by their standout customer service.

4. Crypto Fund Trader

Positioning itself as a specialized entity in crypto futures, Crypto Fund Trader comprehends the nuanced realm of futures trading. They furnish the necessary tools and techniques to sail through this intricate domain.

Their 80-20 profit allocation speaks volumes about their faith in their traders and crafted platform. Progressive evaluation stages are designed to foster your growth, setting you up for amplified funding opportunities.

When granted access to an exclusive circle of crypto prop traders, collaborative learning and strategy sharing becomes part of your trading adventure.



FTMO emerges as a trailblazer in the crypto prop trading domain. Their dual-phase evaluation protocol is crafted to shape traders and gauge their skills before transitioning to real-time trading. This ensures that adept traders steward the firm’s funds, mitigating potential setbacks.

You have a vast playground of tradeable crypto assets at your disposal. Their 90-10 profit split is an industry-leading offer, allowing you to keep the lion’s share of your gains.

By simulating genuine market scenarios during evaluations, FTMO ensures you refine your skills against real-world market fluxes. With a reservoir of learning resources and bespoke trading software, you’re always poised to lead the curve.

6. MyForexFunds

MyForexFunds carves its niche in the prop trading sector, offering avenues in both traditional finance and crypto trading. Their ace card is the instant funding on offer, ensuring you’re always in the thick of trading action.

Doing away with time constraints on evaluations empowers you to evolve at a comfortable pace. Their elevated monthly profit benchmarks and competitive payouts render them a choice contender for traders.

Beyond crypto, including standard financial tools lets you diversify without switching platforms. Their encompassing strategy further thrives on giving you entry to elite trading circles, catalyzing enriched trading dialogues and insights.


In this dynamic world of trading, these best prop trading firms stand as beacons, guiding and supporting your journey through the tumultuous seas of the crypto realm.

Whether you’re contemplating diversification with the best options prop trading firms or seeking niche expertise, the options are vast and promising.

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