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Best Christmas Gifts For Tech Lovers

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If you’re playing the role of Santa this year and want to surprise your loved ones with amazing tech gifts, you’re in luck. In 2022, we got a lot of awesome advancements that provide hours of fun and can make anyone’s life easier. Here are some tech gifts for everyone on your nice list to make their holiday season even merrier:

Noise-canceling headphones

This is a perfect gift for your work-from-home friend who struggles with distractions, traffic noise, neighbor noise and kids running around the house. It’s best to get a model that’s wireless, so there’s no mess made by cords. Apple AirPods Max, for instance, has active noise cancelation while also providing wearers with the best sound, top comfort and sleek design that won’t make you embarrassed to use them on Zoom calls.

Wireless charger

Those who want to have all of their devices charged at all times while also avoiding the clutter made by chargers will love this next gift. A wireless charger is a relatively new tech advancement that’s already winning the hearts of many users, especially minimalists. And models like Lexon wireless charger and UV cleaner serve a dual purpose—charging and cleaning your phone. This is a great gift in times of pandemic because you can free your phone from all the bacteria it might pick up during the day.

Latest smartphone

Latest smartphone christmas gifts

If you know that one of your loved ones has been struggling with their brick of a phone, it’s time to upgrade them to a new model. Android lovers are in for a threat, especially when it comes to new features like modern flip options and even fold options. If you check out digiDirect – Samsung Galaxy Phones, you’ll notice all the latest models of screens and OS advancements any tech lover will know to appreciate. Samsung is especially known for its fantastic camera power so your gift recipient will be able to immortalize all the most important moments in their life.

Smart plug

It’s evident just how important energy saving has become, so provide your loved one with the gift of saving this year with a smart plug. These plugs can be used with various devices so you can turn them on and off using voice controls. But the best feature is that you can operate devices remotely, no matter where you are, so you never have to worry whether you left your lights on or your iron plugged in. This feature saves both energy and nerve!

Fitness tracker

Fitness freaks can never have too many wearables, especially when they are super sleek and attractive. Every year, we get a new generation of Fitbit and Apple Watch, but something that will really surprise your gift recipient this year might be a smart ring. Coming to us from Oura, their Oura Ring Generation 3 is the smallest and smartest wearable on the market right now. This ring is very discrete yet it offers big tracking abilities like heart rate, sleep cycle and activity while also offering great guidance on how to change your lifestyle for the better.


If you want to be generous towards your athletic family members, why not get them a Peloton bike? This is something that every cyclist will love and cherish, especially during winter when they might not be able to hop on their regular bike. This sleek cardio machine offers on-demand home spin classes on a membership base, and you can get hundreds of different level workouts that will ensure you stay in shape all year round.

Any of these gifts will put a huge smile on your techy family member, friend or colleague this holiday season. Spread some cheer with your smart gifts and you’ll be the most popular person at any holiday event!

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