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Best Background Check Services for Small Business

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Small organizations are finding it tough to carry out in-person interviews due to lockdown restrictions imposed to curb Covid-19. Hence, using the best background check services has only become all the more important. You cannot just hire any person that you first come across to fill up any position lying vacant in your company. Job interview undoubtedly is a vital criterion to consider when hiring candidates for all positions. Employee background check carried out by reputed agencies will ensure guaranteed transparency. It is still considered to be the best way towards confirming the resume of the candidates. It also validates much more than their employment history. Survey conducted showed that 96% of companies tend to conduct several pre-employment background screening methods. But the complexity concerning using background checks only seem to have increased manifolds.

The major complexity involved is to identify what comprises exactly an efficient and effective screening process. It is noticed that both components and process of a check evolves continuously. It is considered to be a trend that was noticed among major service providers. It is necessary to note that the need to fore nuanced and specialized background check solution tends to vary. Hence, trying to identify the most appropriate one for the business can be a tough one. This is because there are offered different types of services.

List of top 5 best background check companies

1. GoodHire:

Goodhire background check companies

They are considered to be the best provider for effortless FCRA Compliance. It offers amazing features that includes self checks and low learning curve along with FCRA compliance maintenance.

1. Pros: It comes with highly competitive price and has ‘friendly’ vibe.

2. Coins: The report completion time is found to exceed the initial estimated time. It is also not multilingual.

2. Checkr:

Checkr background check companies

They are slated to be the very best for gig economy businesses. The reason is because they tend to take a realistic transparent approach towards conducting business. Moreover, they maintain governmental FCRA compliance. Rather, it is designed to support small organizations to conduct business in today’s quickly shifting and modern economy. The UI is multilingual, mobile and modern.

1. Pros: Comes with a mobile-ready user interface and easy to use. It is designed with cool tools such as Geos and Adjudication Matrix to sort data to make it understandable and clear. With this tool, employers will be able to make quick decisions with great confidence.

2. Cons: Its turnaround time is found to be a bit longer when compared to other vendors.

3. Accio Data:

Accio data highly customizable platform

It is considered to be a highly customizable platform meant exclusively for CRA customers. It is possible to white label it with other brands as well as integrate with standard data providers.

1. Pros: For CRA integrations, it uses open XML SpecsSupport.

2. Cons: Its user interface can be found to be somewhat generic. Moreover, its resources are limited to just FCRA disclosures and basic documentation.

4. Intellicorp

Intellicorp best background check company

It is among the best background check services for volunteer organizations. Offered at a competitive price, its approach is quite unique. It can easily meet compliancy requirements, estimated turnaround time. Its unique setup can facilitate volunteer organization hiring.

1.Pros: Strong compliancy ethic, easy to navigate user interface, commitment towards FCRA Education. It does meet effortlessly the estimated turnaround times.

2. Cons: This service however does not support Multilanguage.

5. A Good Employee.com:

A good employee. Com background check company

This company was established about three decades ago and is considered to be useful to carry out basic general screening. They are more into real estate management. But still, their solution supports corporate HR purposes while offering solid customer service. Their price is also reasonable with la carte options to choose from.

1. Pros: Focuses on report turnaround time, user education and compliance.

2. Compliance: Not multilingual.

  • Going through the above list of background check companies will help you to select the best one suited to your type of business.
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