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All the Small Things: Worthwhile Employee Engagement Programs

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There are many things that your human resources can do for you. There are tons of employee engagement programs that your company HR should think of or implement. There is nothing too small or too large for the employees to have fun and feel valued. From having fun, engagement plans to the little things, such as initiating store partnerships with a nearby retail store, restaurant, or pubs so that they can give out employee discounts.

Although we will be listing several engagement programs that are worthwhile to try, we all need to delve first into why employee engagement programs should be carried out.

Employee engagement programs

Why Initiate Employee Engagement Programs?

The implementation of employee engagement programs does not only improve the capability and productivity of personnel, but it also has a higher purpose of transforming the entire company and make it more receptive to employees. Given the changes mentioned above, company profitability and productivity will increase as well.

Office Culture and Tradition

Employee-centered programs are created and implemented to bolster employees’ commitment to making a change in the office or company. These also provide the employees that they are part of the process and indeed making transformative changes in the company.

Culture and tradition also reflect the character of the chief executive officer (CEO) or the owners of the company. These two are essential in creating a credible and honest public image.

Team Camaraderie and Leadership

Team camaraderie and leadership

Employee engagement programs are not only for employee welfare; they can also be used by the company to stimulate team cohesiveness. Team skills are essential to the development of the entire company because a highly cooperative team translates to ease of productivity and higher output. Meanwhile, leadership skills can also be honed through these programs. Out of town team building activities might enable the management to identify leaders who will raise the standards and lead others to eventual betterment.

Lesser Financial Cost

Although employee engagement plans seem costly and unreasonably expensive for the company, the results are expected to generate lesser financial cost and higher profitability for the company in the long run. Instead of putting in place various structural or role changes in the company or office that are way too expensive, the management will invest in its employees that will drive productivity, sustainability, and the company’s profitability.

Worthwhile Employee Engagement Programs

Now that you have an idea why the company must implement or conceptualize employee engagement programs, here are some of the plans worthy of being tried by the human resources:

Employee discounts – although a little thing, this program aims to provide an added perk for employees. This program offers the employees an idea that the company is doing even the small stuff for its personnel.

Transparency and work collaboration – generates the idea that management is fair to all of its employees. Through work collaboration, employees are expected to feel inclusivity and value.

Health and fitness program – to further show the company’s concern for its employees, the management can acquire gym memberships for its personnel or provide them with free health exams and other health-related concerns.

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