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AI Tool Which Predicts User’s Attention

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Attention Insight is a pre-launch analytics platform that gives marketers and business owners critical insights into User’s attention. As the digital era becomes ubiquitous, businesses rely more and more on websites and digital ads for promotion and marketing. But before they can be made online, ads, website landing pages, and packaging designs need to be tested by predicting the response and interaction they will get from potential customers.

The company provides services in this regard. User’s attention heatmaps indicate how users interact with content and what parts of visuals are seen or missed by users. These analytics are claimed to have more than 90% accuracy by the company’s website! With the power of Artificial Intelligence, people can see where they need to improve things and what works in their design and layout.

User attention user’s attention

The company’s website contains additional sources to help online businesses. The blog section contains numerous blogs to help and guide users with crucial things. The attention heatmaps outline the most eye-catching parts of the website, app, or ad design, allowing users to know which features require changes and adjustments. This is done by creating a visual representation of data representing the proportion of views attracted by different elements.

The attention heatmaps use an easy-to-understand key, where areas getting more attention are highlighted with warmer colors like yellow and red.

Moreover, users can choose portions of their designs and areas of interest (AOIs) and see the percentage of attention they gain. This becomes especially helpful when the users want to know where to place their CTO (call to action) buttons. Finally, users can receive feedback on the design’s clarity and compare it with the clarity scores of competitors’ designs. All these features provide the perfect opportunity to revise and adjust their digital designs before they go online.

The company was co-founded by KamilėJokubaitė and Darius Jokubaitis. They realized that attention is the most limited resource in marketing, and campaign testing is a critical tool for success. In the early days of digitalization, there was no standard way to analyze, measure, and optimize a user’s attention.


With Attention Insight, marketers can quickly evaluate attention distribution in upcoming campaigns, optimize the design for maximum visibility, and run A/B tests. The co-founders always wanted to start a business that had the potential to grow exponentially. The co-founders wanted to serve a more significant client segment, but most importantly, they wanted to address marketers’ needs and bring the industry-changing product to them.

The company’s customers include Marketers and SAAS companies that are looking for faster ways to implement pre-launch testing and A/B testing.

Public feedback on the company’s services:

Captera.com, an online platform that acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of software services, gives the company an overall rating of 4.8 stars based on 21 reviews. Similarly, the company has a rating of 4.5 stars on trustpilot.com and 4.8 on g2.com.

Here are some of the comments by company customers:

1. Joshua Lim (Growth Strategist at Social Hackers):

“It will sure give you a better starting position. CRO specialists know that starting halfway up the ladder is much better than starting at the bottom. If you can use AI to approximately measure the site’s CRO before running traffic, you will save time and resources for yourself and your clients.”

2. Eva Williams (Journalist for fixthephoto.com)

“The main advantage of this service is the accuracy of data based on many years of psychological research. This is the ideal solution for testing the effectiveness of your project before actually deploying it.”

3. Leonardo Wolff (Founder of Eikonikos)

“Attention Insight is such a brilliant tool. It brings the power of a generally available tool only to big enterprises to small companies and agencies. I just closed a $3K deal using this, validating a concept with a new client.”

Support is needed from the public.

“All the high-end features are available for free on our site for the first seven days. This trial run will convince you that the AI-powered services provided by our company can help elevate your business and boost traffic to your website, app, and ads. The user-friendly interface offers diverse and innovative features, and accessing our digital products will become the best investment for your business. The extensions offered will further improve your experience while surfing online. So, sign up today and transform your online presence!”

The company recently released Zapier integration, enabling customers to include predictive User’s Attention heat maps to various automated processes. The operations have gone beyond break-even to provide enough profit for sustainable growth. Product Hunt has listed the company as number 4. This rapid growth means that the company does not need investors and can grow further with its profits.

Message to your customers and viewers:

“It’s time to test every design before publishing!”

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