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Advantages Of Taking Prelim Preparation Tests Online

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UPSC exams are unlike other exams people take to secure admission to a good college or government job. Knowledge and preparation are needed to get through the UPSC exams. Aspirants also need several exam skills and preliminary preparation, which help them while appearing for the test in the actual exam center.

The aspirants also need to be familiar with the kind of questions that are being asked. It is also essential to know how negative marking should be avoided. They must know how to improve the probability of selecting the right answers, even for questions they are unsure about!

Mock tests with UPSC coaching classes online are key to acing these skills. Mock tests are designed to help aspirants practice enough to feel confident while appearing for the exam. Practicing offers accuracy and improves the chances of getting through the UPSC cut-off. Apart from tests, UPSC online course material also plays a crucial role. With the advent of technology and everything going digital, aspirants can now access study material online.

You can also appear for UPSC prelim preparation online, which offers convenience to candidates while not compromising on practice. Here’s a look at the benefits of taking online UPSC prelim tests:

1. If your goal is to score 130 or higher in GS, Paper 1

Considering the present trend and the past few years, it is easy to say that a 130+ score out of 200 is safe for clearing the UPSC exam. However, if there is fierce competition, you might need to score more than 140. But it is not that easy, and individuals preparing for UPSC will know that.

If you wish to practice enough, mock tests are the key. There is no shortcut to success, and taking more and more mock tests can help. People who have already appeared for the UPSC exam or have cleared it successfully will know the significance of UPSC prelim tests.

If your goal is to score 130 plus in gs- paper 1 prelim preparation

2. Be confident in the exam center

There have been several instances of aspirants preparing well and being good at the subjects but failing to clear the UPSC exam. The reason is simple: they only practiced a little. Reading books and going through reference materials is not enough until you practice giving mock tests.

When you are tested in an exam-like atmosphere, the aspirant improves and develops the ability to deliver the best during the exam hall. When candidates appear for the mock test conducted by the UPSC preparation institute, they also get acquainted with negative markings. All of this ultimately helps improve the scores.

3. Learn concepts faster

The aspirant can learn many helpful concepts quickly by taking mock tests. You can’t expect to take just one or two exams and hope for a brilliant performance during the actual test. It is important to take several online prelims to understand similar questions.

4. Assess UPSC competition

Mock prelim tests offer a fair idea of the competition level even before the actual test. By taking the test, you get to access the standard of peers. It also offers a glimpse of where you stand in the competition. If you get to enroll in India mock online tests with real-time ranking, it will help in assessing the competition before the exam.

5. Boost confidence

Scoring high in the mock exam not only helps in clearing the exam but also offers confidence for the main exam as you will have conceptual clarity. The more tests you take, the more confidence you build owing to repeated revisions.

How useful can the UPSC Test Series be?

The UPSC coaching institute test series is one of the best strategies to boost aspirants’ skills. It also helps with the evaluation and correction of mistakes. This ultimately boosts confidence. Stress and anxiety about the UPSC exam can badly affect performance. In-depth analysis and constant feedback help a candidate overcome exam fear. The comprehensive analysis enables the aspirants to understand their strengths and weaknesses. It helps in creating a strategy for preparation.

The test series helps develop the ability to handle a specific type of paper. There will be certain questions in the exam that the aspirant needs help planning for. However, when a candidate is experienced in facing similar questions in the test series, they enjoy an upper hand when appearing for the preliminary and main papers.

And the all-India rank assigned to each candidate taking the test can help analyze the level of competition and evaluate their level of preparation. They can also improve their preparation strategy based on the evaluation. Mock tests can go a long way in learning how to fetch the desired score and avoid negative markings.

Significance of Test Series

UPSC toppers always acknowledge the importance of mock tests. It offers adequate support in handling tough questions during exams. Practicing the test series online develops the aspirants’ time management skills and pressure-handling abilities. If required, the candidates can also increase their writing speed when they get to write enough papers. Quick answers go a long way toward scoring well.

Enrolling in the UPSC course online mock test series is one of the smartest decisions. Considering the level of competition and how tough things can get, it is better to get enough practice to take your preparation a notch higher than simply referring to various study materials and going through them repeatedly.

Even if the scores are not up to par during mock tests, don’t get disheartened. Use it as an opportunity to improve and score well during the next test.


One major mistake UPSC aspirants commit is not investing in the UPSC prelim mock test series. Simply downloading and reading the MCQs from PDFs won’t help. Not practicing MCQs in an environment with a limited time frame and a negative time frame will help with actual preparation. Practicing is more important than simple reading. Mock tests offer an edge that one requires to clear the IAS exams. Lack of preparation should never be an excuse. Choose the right institute with reasonable UPSC class fees for the mock test series, as it offers the assurance of credibility.

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