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Accounting Resume Sample and Tips In 2023

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Your resume is a critical document for an accountant who wants to get the job you want. Your resume should be unique. Here are some outstanding resume examples and tips to help you make an accounting resume that will grab the attention of potential employers.

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Example of an Accounting Resume

This is an example of an accountant resume you could use to guide your search:

[Full Name] [Address] [Phone Number] [Email Address]


To be offered a position as an entry-level accountant that will allow me to use my education and skills in order to help the company grow and succeed.


Bachelor of Science, Accounting [Name of the University], [Location] [Graduation date]

Certifications: Certified Public Accountant (CPA).


1. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word Excel PowerPoint PowerPoint Access)

2. Experience with accounting software (QuickBooks and Xero, for example)

3. Expertise in GAAP, IFRS and tax laws

4. Strong problem-solving and analytical skills

5. Attention to detail

6. Communication and interpersonal skills are essential

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Experience Accounting Resume

1. Accounting Intern [Name and Company], [Location] [Duration Internship]

2. Assist senior accountants in bookkeeping, reconciliations and preparation of financial statements

3. Conducted inventory management, analysis, and tracking of revenues

4. Assistance with tax preparation and filing

5. Communication with clients about their financial records and reports

Accounts Payable Clerk [Name and Company], [Location] [Duration Employment]

1. Payable records processed and managed

2. Assist in closing the month-end and financial reporting

3. Verified invoices, reconciliation discrepancies and processed payments

4. Problems and discrepancies in invoices were researched and solved

5. Responded promptly to vendor queries

Writing an Accounting Resume: Tips

1. Begin with a strong statement of objective

Your objective statement should summarize your career goals and highlight what you bring to the table. It is important to tailor your objective statement to the job for which you are applying.

2. Highlight your education and certificates

Your educational background and any certifications you have earned are important. Highlight your academic achievements such as receiving awards or graduating with high marks.

3. Showcase your skills

Your accounting skills are the core of your resume. Highlight your knowledge and proficiency with accounting software and tax laws. You should also mention any transferable skills such as excellent communication skills, strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, attention to detail and attention to detail.

4. Your experience should be emphasized

Your most relevant work experience should be highlighted in your experience section. This includes internships and part time jobs. Your job duties should be described in detail. Highlight your contributions and achievements to the company.

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5. Your achievements can be quantified

You can quantify your accomplishments by using specific numbers, such as “reduced expenses 15%” or “increased revenues 10%”. This will demonstrate to potential employers that your are results-oriented and can help their company grow and succeed.

6. It should be concise and easily understood

A resume for an accountant should not exceed two pages. To make it easier to read, use bullet points and highlight the most important information.

7. Proofread, proofread and proofread

Make sure you proofread your accounting resume before you submit it. To catch any errors you may have missed, ask someone to review it.


Cheap resumes on Resume That Works can be your ticket to your dream job. You can make a strong resume by following these tips and using the sample accounting resume as a guide.

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