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A Mission to Revolutionize Job Search – Gergo Vari, Founder of Lensa

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In a world that is filled with many talented people and highly skilled professionals who are constantly in search of new job opportunities, there is an increasing need for platforms that help to make job hunting easier for both employers and potential employees. Platforms like Lensa have managed to bridge the gap between both parties in a bid to create a more fluid and effective job search process.

Lensa Incorporated is a job search engine and career advocacy platform that supports millions of job seekers and companies alike to help find the right talent.

Lensa’s primary purpose is to create a job search engine that eliminates manual selection bias in the recruitment process. Before Lensa, Hungary’s leading recruitment platform, Profession. hu, was funded and launched by Gergo Vari, the founder of Lensa, and in just four years, they had reached an extraordinary market share of 75%. The company was eventually purchased by SanomaMedia in 2005, and the transaction was the largest of its kind in Hungary up to that time.

Gergo Vari’s passion for startups led him to establish and head e-Ventures, and later, in 2008, to the launch and sale of AffilateMedia, Network. hu, and Replies. With this growth, it opened his eyes to the need for recruiting and human resources technology. He had his first taste for entrepreneurship as a child, selling fruit from his grandfather’s orchard.

In the following years, his journey through founding, funding, and exiting successful startups taught him a valuable lesson: the hiring process is largely disorganized, as is the way people look for jobs and develop their careers.

This was how the idea to establish Lensa came to light, as well as the desire to look at the larger picture, outside the borders of Hungary and Europe and focus on the US. That’s why he created Lensa, a start-up company that offers a technological solution to the crisis of the career marketplace and the company now supports more than 18 million job openings in the United States.

At Lensa, the aim is to transform the way recruitment works through the implementation of real-time AI and allocate the right career choices based on an applicant’s desires and abilities. This unique and revolutionary platform is designed to change the former process of job search entirely.

Lensa aims at creating holistic products that cover the entire career cycle, from job search to landing one’s dream job and advancing to the top of one’s chosen field and company. Job openings will no longer be viewed by most people as one-off opportunities but as stepping stones to fulfilling one’s long-term as well as short-term professional goals.

Lensa offers a variety of unique products and services and a noteworthy service is the ability of Lensa to pair up job seekers with the most relevant job openings and help them find a job where they can fit in and excel.

Fast talent lensa

The company’s system is based on sophisticated Artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning to help people build the perfect career. At the same time, the company is building FastTalent, a recruitment CRM to help promote open jobs to millions of active, engaged job seekers and advertise their jobs.

The company is unique because it employs the support of real-time AI and machine learning through the collection of user data to match job seekers with better job options. The company also conducts matchmaking using aptitude and skill-based information to better understand what would be suitable for an applicant.

This helps limit recruitment bias and connect job seekers closer to the right recruiters. The company is entirely US-based and supports active job seekers in America and companies alike to find the right talent. Lensa also supports millions of people through its data engineering to help allocate the right jobs with the right recruiters.

They assess the professional strengths, resumes, skill sets, and career paths of potential employees in a bid to land them the perfect job match.

The company is aware of what it’s like to hunt for a job. Feeling lost, confused, frustrated, and annoyed. This is why Lensa was established: to give a helping hand to job seekers in finding their way out of a seemingly endless search and lead them to a successful career.

Lensa helps to prevent hurdles such as job scams, unnecessary redirections, dead links, endless registrations, expired jobs, and irrelevant emails, amongst many others, through the use of AI-based matching, a strategy that provides a clean and quick job search.

Job searching sites similar to lensa

When looking at other job search sites, there are some pretty big names like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and Monster.com. The company has had to take up its fighting gloves and compete with some giants in the industry, but that won’t slow them down.

Although the company is not perfect and may not always get it right, it cares about its members and will work tirelessly to be better. This mindset has guided them through the years and the company is now experiencing relative growth and is determined to take its position as a preferred job search platform.

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