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A Media Agency From Kolkata, Giving Innovation Goals To 4000+ Brands Globally

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Onex Solutions is a young and innovative marketing solutions company. It was founded in January 2013. Since then, it has created an impression in Digital Marketing services like Bulk SMS (Promotional SMS, Flash SMS, Database Push, Radius Code, Transactional SMS, WAP Push, etc.). Bulk Voice calls, Email Marketing (Bulk Emails & Affiliate Emails),. VMN & Digital Solutions like short-code and Long-Code SMS. Virtual Numbers (Long Code, Short Code, Missed Call Number) and Integrated Solutions. They have expanded their media agency services not just in Kolkata but also in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Guwahati.

And also have innovative products and unique solutions like ShaadInvite, ONEngage, M-Classifieds, Apna HR, Get Extra Salary, 4sme, and Onexmail Consultancy.

Mr dipak agarwal media agency from kolkataFounder Journey 

The Media Agency was started by Mr. Dipak Agarwal, Director & Harsha Agarwal, the COO. Mr. Dipak is a qualified CA, and CS and worked at Ernst & Young Company as a Senior Executive during that time.

He was always passionate about learning more about marketing and always had an aspiration to specialize in an MBA in the field of Marketing He has a flair for creativity.

During his tenure at Ernst & Young, he got the idea of mobile marketing and simultaneously, he started developing his business idea of getting into Mobile Marketing. Even during his office hours, he managed to devote his time to this passion.

As fate would have it sooner, he followed his heart and started his own business, Mobile Marketing, along with his brother, Mr. Ashok Agarwal.

Onex Solutions Media Agency Verticals

The business had 2 wings, one dealt with the printing vertical, managed by Mr. Ashok Agarwal, and the other, the mobile marketing wing, was managed by Mr. Dipak Agarwal.

Both Mr. Dipak Agarwal & Ashok Agarwal decided to turn their passion into a fully-fledged business. They incorporated this media agency digital marketing venture on January 31 2013 and ‘Onex Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ was born. Its corporate office is at 9, Mercantile Building, Lalbazar, Kolkata 700 001.

In 2014, Mr. Dipak Agarwal realized that this mobile marketing field is more lucrative than digital marketing as a whole because the ROI on mobile marketing is much higher than their traditional marketing efforts. Therefore, he decided to venture into this field completely. The printing vertical of Mr. Ashok Agarwal became a separate entity and Onex Solutions became an exclusive Mobile Marketing Company.

Later in the same year, specifically in the fall season, Mrs. Harsha Agarwal, a highly esteemed Chartered Accountant with a stellar track record, excitedly accepted the prestigious role of Director at Onex Solutions. This significant appointment marked a pivotal moment as Mrs. Agarwal stepped in to succeed the respected Mr. Ashok Agarwal.

Onex Solutions Media Agency Achievements 

Over time, Onex Solutions established a significant presence inside the mobile marketing sector, capturing the eye of a wide audience and garnering over 5.5K ‘Likes’ entirely via Social Media platforms in an impressively brief timeframe. Their fast ascent in the enterprise solidified their role as a prominent player within the digital marketing sphere.

Onex Solutions is gradually flourishing, the proof of which is seen in the increase in the number of customers and clients and the ever-increasing employee team. They are serving more than 4,000 clients now on a PAN India basis, where they serve many big brands, like Novotel, WOW Momo, KFC, Tata Motors, KFC, Asian Paints, Pizza Hut, Ola Cabs, etc. With a large number of renowned clients in the company portfolio, Onex Solutions decided to expand its territorial boundaries.

After reaching breakeven in the third month of their start-up, they have consistently maintained a successful and profitable journey up to the current date. This fruitful venture has no longer simply sustained their financial stability but has also paved the way for continuous growth in their business endeavors.

With love & support from the public and all their customers, they have expanded their services not just in Kolkata but also in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Guwahati. Onex Solutions has also been registered under the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

“Our effective ways of providing a modern and economical way of approaching our customers have to lead to customer engagement and retention. Our clients have appreciated us for our teamwork, and we have received various testimonials wherein some clients have referred us to big Corporations.“

We are proud to be associated and registered under Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) where we are sharing the platform with other eminent Corporates”. Said Founder.


Message From Founders….

We started on our exciting journey in the digital marketing industry by prioritizing integrity and trust, laying the foundation for a robust presence. Central to our ethos is cultivating strong relationships and delivering prompt, efficient service to our valued clients. This unwavering commitment serves as the cornerstone of our operations, propelling us toward a future laced with success and growth. We firmly believe that nurturing these core values will propel us forward and position us as a trusted leader in the competitive landscape of digital marketing.

Our company is deeply committed to supplying devoted offerings that specifically address the precise needs of our clients. We try to deliver the one solution in the most cost-effective way possible, making sure our clients obtain exceptional value for their investments:-

  • As a dedicated team of younger individuals, our primary focus is on accelerating the transport of offerings to offer you a more desirable level. Your satisfaction is usually at the leading edge of our venture as we strive for continuous improvement and efficiency in our operations.
  • Serving more than 4000 clients across various locations within India, we have established successful partnerships with renowned big brands, solidifying our presence and reputation in the market nationwide.
  • Implementing innovative marketing strategies tailored to the particular desires and alternatives of our clients allows you to attain an extra optimized and efficient return on investment (ROI).
  • We firmly consider embracing the artwork of high-end customization to cater to every individual’s precise preferences and goals.
  • We are officially recognized and authorized by means of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, demonstrating our compliance with regulatory standards and making sure our commitment to operating within the established guidelines.
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