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A Closer Look At Using AR In Manufacturing

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AR which is also known as augmented reality, is when a virtual world is created that you can interact with and it has similarities to the real world.

In order for the computer to create this environment, it has to use many sensory modalities. Basically, your vision and hearing will be heightened since these are sharpened.

Augmented reality is also combined with artificial intelligence and this has lead to many breakthroughs in a wide range of fields.

AR has greatly improved manufacturing processes. It has made training a lot easier and faster, improved the performance of operators, enhanced throughput etc.

Augmented reality from Aircada.com gives you easy instructions for assembly processes, maintenance, machine setup change over and more.

Thanks to these real time visuals, it helps to decrease the amount of time it takes to understand instructions. This naturally improves worker productivity and safety. We will now take a closer look at how Augmented reality is benefiting the manufacturing sector.

AR Benefits

1. Enables you to make products come to life

Within the manufacturing industry, Augmented reality can be quite useful in the product design phase. This is particularly helpful if the intended new product is a machine. Once Augmented reality is used, this will enable you to have a very clear view of how your new product would actually look once it has been finished.

This is quite helpful if you need investors as it will show them what they’re putting their money into.

2. Product development efficiencies 

In most cases, the end look of a new product is usually not even known to the employees who are creating it.

Once Augmented reality and virtual reality is used, then this will help these employees to become more efficient at development and delivery.

There are many AR companies which have AR and VR solutions that they use for product design. Also there are many AR and VR solutions that are used for multimedia marketing.

3. Makes complex processes simpler

In the manufacturing process, conveyor belts are typically used throughout the different stages.

AR is also quite helpful at training new employees since it can easily explain complex processes step by step.

Manufacturing process ar

Augmented reality can give easy instructions for assembly along with remote guidance. This will go a long way in reducing errors and increasing productivity.

AR technology that is used to make videos will provide the worker or technician with a clearer view on how to perform a task. AR devices can show step by step instructions that will make assembly a lot easier and faster since the information provided would be accurate and up to date.

4. Visualized workflow for simple troubleshooting

Consider if your car broke down on the road and there is no mechanic in sight.

If you had access to AR, then you can simply look at relevant videos and see how to go about fixing your own vehicle.

In the upcoming years, you will definitely notice an increased use of Augmented reality within the manufacturing sector. It truly helps by taking away the need to be at a particular location to solve a problem.

This will help to get problems solved a lot faster, save human resources and lower risk.

5. Lower cost

AR will help to make excellent solutions that will lower the cost of recruitment, infrastructure, training etc.

Employees will be given the opportunity to solve problems from any location due to easy access to data on the cloud as well as AR and VR applications.

Engineers have already made many multimedia systems and TVs that utilize Augmented reality and Virtual reality.

So, in the next decades, the electronics and manufacturing sector will explode with new devices and technology that utilize combinations of Augmented reality and Virtual reality.

Augmented reality is certainly unprecedented in its ability to make processes much clearer and integrate data. This will help users to easily understand problems, fix them and even prevent them from happening.

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