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9 Effective Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

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With regards to ROI, an effective email marketing strategy is considered to be the most powerful tool to market your business. For every $1 spent, you can enjoy returns of about $38. It also is known to convert customers by about 40 times. However, to derive maximum benefit, you need to know how to optimize it.

9 email marketing ideas to follow

1. Come up with subject lines to improve conversions

Email marketing tips email marketing strategy

The subject line is similar to that of the headline used in traditional copywriting. Most people limit their reading just to this part. In an email, it can be termed to be the decider, if the email would be read or ignored. It has a 26% open rate if it features the recipient’s first name.

2. Personalization allows customer retention

Do not use one-size-fits-all campaigns as it will not provide the desired results. 75% of revenue generated in the email, is by coming up with personalized campaigns. Personalization helps nurture customers, engages them and keeps them interested, specific and relevant to their needs. One such effective email marketing tip is to make your email copy sound like a human and not a robot.

3. Personalize using dynamic content

With Campaign Monitor tools, content can be customized to fit diverse customer segments. Dynamic content provides you with the opportunity to personalize your email to suit recipient needs. This is an effective email marketing strategy employed by most companies to boost message relevancy. This way, it can help drive sales without having to put in lots of time and effort to create individual campaigns.

4. Segmentation-triggered automation

Segment your customers into different categories based on their interests, behavior and their current location in the buyer’s journey. For this, you can use behavioral segments. It can help segment users depending on their interaction level with your site. Behavior data combined with segments can be used for triggering automated emails to deliver the most relevant content.

5. Promote social sharing

This is one of the email marketing tips that you can implement. Your campaigns can be improved with email and social media marketing strategies. Social media is a wonderful platform to develop fast your email list. Run an ad using a signup form or post something new for your followers. With proper email marketing, your contacts will be able to follow you on different social media platforms.

6. User-generated content

Request customers to submit UGC (user-generated content). This provides them with an opportunity to directly interact with your brand. Such email marketing ideas influence others to make purchases. UGC is found to convince more people to engage in shopping when compared to images. Use the hashtag in all emails to run successfully UGC campaigns.

7. Ask referrals and develop a contact list

This is an effective email marketing strategy that all small businesses should adopt immediately. Word of mouth is a wonderful marketing tactic that still works miracles in today’s digital age. People generally prefer to take referrals and recommendations from family members, friends and others known when trying to buy something. However, you may derive reviews only from those customers with negative experiences. Provide incentives to satisfied customers to offer positive reviews about your business.

8. Use robust analytics to track consumer behavior

Such email marketing ideas require you to use site tracking snippet. This way, you can get to know your visitor’s behaviors. Google Analytics can help with segmentation and personalization.

9. Develop consistency

You can send across any number of marketing emails to your prospective customers. You need to be consistent in your email marketing efforts to derive the desired results.

Therefore, by implementing proper email marketing tips, you can boost your sales and revenue significantly.

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