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8 Things You Need To Know Before Buying an Electric Car

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Why buy electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles are eco-friendly transportation. It is now very expensive, and if you are planning to buy one, read a buying guide. Acquiring the right information before buying electric vehicles will ensure you have the exact information. There are factors worth considering before buying an electric car.

8 things to know before buying an electric car:

Deciding to buy an electric car means choosing the appropriate EV. Several factors influence your decision. It is not simple to buy an electric car, and it is not like buying a diesel or petrol car. Here are 8 things to know before buying an electric car:

1. Price

Electric vehicles, the need of the hour, are not wallet-friendly but are environment-friendly. The electric drivetrain and the battery packs are expensive driving the cost of electric cars making them pricey. Even the electric small hatchback car costs over Rs. 6 lakh. Therefore, remember your budget before considering buying an electric car.

2. Battery Life

The most important is a battery pack for an electric car. It is a crucial component, without which the cars cannot run, and it is also the most expensive part. Replacing a battery may burn your pocket. Without fail, know the battery life before buying an eco-friendly car. Investing in battery life that assures longer running ensures low maintenance.

Battery life electric car

3. Driving Range

The crucial factors are the driving range while buying an EV. The figures specification of the manufacturer is not the exact driving range. Instead, consider reviews of real-life, and virtual reality and get the driving range idea, as per the real-world conditions. An EV must deliver more than 100 km driving range and it is enough for daily drives. However, the electric cars of higher ends offer more than 400km driving range.

4. Charging Options

Charging options of an electric car comes in an array. It includes standard charging, fast charging, and slow charging. It is expensive to install fast chargers and difficult to find them in a city. However, slow charging is the standard charging option, and they are feasible. The installation can be at your home as well. EVs are chargeable from the residence’s electric outlet. Check the charging options before buying an electric car.

5. Incentives and Tax Benefits

The tax benefits and incentives from the government reduce the electric vehicles’ overall cost. Check the exact percentage of tax benefits and incentives for buying an eco-friendly vehicle. There are benefits such as a reduction in the electric car price or the service tax. Check before you proceed to buy.

6. Specifications

Electric vehicles feature battery packs and electric motors in varying capacities. Choose an electric car offering virtual reality as per your requirements. Match the specifications, check the technical details and buy one. An underpowered electric vehicle may make your driving irritating.

7. Charging Infrastructure

Charging infrastructure electric car

The infrastructure for charging electric vehicles is in the nascent stages. Finding charging stations for electric vehicles are not the same as finding a fuel station. It is a challenge for EV owners. However, the metro cities facilitate charging stations, yet it is not the same everywhere. Take this fact into consideration before deciding to become an electric car owner.

8. After-sales Service and Support

On buying an electric vehicle, the after-sales support and service are crucial for a new EV owner. Most EV manufacturers claim a warranty for several years on the battery packs. These manufacturers install at your location a wall charger and have trained professionals in the service centers. Consider the electric car brand offering good ownership experience and after-sales support.



8 things you need to know before buying an electric car

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