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8 Steps to Increase Website Traffic to Make More Sales in 2022

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You may have already launched an online store, but not getting the kind of traffic you had expected it to attract. ‘More Traffic’ is perhaps the most heard phrase among marketers and portal owners. Qualified traffic results in more leads, customers, sales and revenue. However, the question is how to increase site traffic this 2022?

Proven steps to increase Website Traffic

1. Long-form content:

Content length does matter a lot for search engines. They prefer lengthy contents. Quality posts and extended content is considered to be high performing. Remember, lengthy content helps rank better when compared to shorter ones. Readers get converted to customers and more shares can be enjoyed in different social media platforms.

2. Quality content:

This is of paramount importance and should fulfill requirements of all visitors. Quality content is ranked high by Google while inferior or skinny content-related site ranks get reduced. Effective marketing is possible with quality content as they are proven to be educational, comprehensive and useful. They also answer queries of searchers. To come up with high-quality content, it is essential to:

    • Provide appropriate call to action.
    • Understand search intent.
    • Know what’s trending.
    • Appropriate formatting to ensure readability.
    • Include GIFs, videos, tweets, memes, infographics, screenshots, etc.
    • Develop data, include perspective, and capitalize on studies as well as on experiences.

Quality content increase website traffic

3. Appealing content for influencers:

Digital marketing agencies advocate created relevant, fresh content that appeals influencers. They can create a positive vibe about the brand, enhance audience engagement as well as conversions. They also help improve brand image while establish conversions to reach set goals. Influencers can help build strong customer relationships and drive results.

4. Guest Blogging:

It is regarded to be an old, but highly effective technique to improve site traffic. Blog post written specifically for any other site besides yours is referred to as Guest Posting. It helps generate valuable backlinks. There are ample opportunities available through Google search that are industry relevant.

5. Host free webinars:

This is considered to be a proven and time-tested strategy. Webinars can help drive site traffic. It also helps enhance engagement, develops customer relationships and creates a successful brand. It is also a great choice to develop new leads. It helps capture attention of the audience. This is achieved by displaying a specific service or product.

6. Podcasts:

Podcasts increase website traffic

They have become a rage now and you are never late to be part of this marketing trend to promote your online store. A survey conducted last year found about 57% of consumers prefers podcasts to make decisions. The number of podcast listeners is currently in millions and it is only increasing with each passing day. Watching a couple podcasts every month will prove to be beneficial.

7. Repurpose old posts:

Well-established digital marketing agencies can help clients to know how old posts can be reused to push site traffic. Identify well-performed posts to use different format and then republish them. The podcast can be converted into an article and later a video for driving results.

8. Mobile-friendly site:

Desktop search is fully dominated by mobiles. Google is well-known for its mobile friendliness. It has only improved mobile user expertise. Creating a mobile-friendly site is sure to rank well in Google as well as improve site traffic considerably. Make use of diverse mobile testing tools to check if yours is a mobile-friendly site or not.

The web can be considered to be a box full of opportunities and possibilities. Hence, the options available to encourage site traffic are simply limitless. You should take help of the experienced professionals to drive Website Traffic.

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