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8 Steps On How To Manage And Resolve Team Conflict In The Workplace

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Every workplace is found to experience conflicts among teams at some point in time or other. The reasons may vary. It could be work related or even personal. Whatever be it, there is a genuine need for the business owner or the manager to tackle such situations immediately. Otherwise, the company’s goodwill and future will be at stake. Such conflicts also are found to affect Team productivity considerably.

Reasons Team Conflict to arise

It is considered to be a commonly occurring side effect especially during times. Tensions may arise due to different types of work related stress. It can be managing big decisions, meeting deadlines, acquisitions, mergers, hiring new members or losing an existing one. It becomes necessary to understand the psychology that goes behind workplace conflict. Also, you need to know why it occurs in the first place. This way, you will be able to safeguard yourself as well as your team from getting affected.

What to do?

According to industry professionals, the role of a good leader is to identify the signs that causes rising tension. Business Leaders are expected to intervene immediately to stop further escalation and resolve it before even argument starts. At the same time, you are expected to stay confident and calm. Undergoing conflict resolution training is use to help enhance employee and team satisfaction while improving overall productivity.

Step-by-step workplace conflict management strategies

1. Is addressing the issue an absolute necessity:

The situation will determine this answer. Find out if addressing the issue will be beneficial or only risk causing it to escalate further. If it is a small issue, simply monitor the situation and allow it resolve on its own.

2. Determine conflict nature:

In case the conflict is one-off, then it will be wise to discuss only that specific incident. For recurring issues, it becomes necessary to consider behavioral patterns concerning all parties. Also should be put in effect proper communication strategies to ensure avoiding future conflicts.

Determine conflict nature workplace

3. Gather background information:

Get to know in details about the situation. Do not pinpoint any one. Rather, find out evidence and dig deep into the issue to get into its root. Identify evidences concerning accusations or record of some ongoing conflict. Business Leaders should stay updated on the issue as it allows resolving the conflict.

4. Consider appropriate course of action:

Once you have availed valuable information, choose the right way to move ahead. Find out if both sides require to compromise. Also get to know if one or both of them are wrong or it is just some misunderstanding. Do not be biased in your decisions.

5. Conflict mediation knowledge:

It is possible to stop/prevent conflicts and increase Team productivity only if you are a good mediator. Frame the rules, encourage concerned parties to leave alone their preconceived ideas. Make them to listen to what you say without interruption. Identify the issue and try to derive appropriate solutions.

6. Be neutral:

Consider calling the concerned parties at a neutral place and not your office. It should ensure privacy and provide ample time to discuss things without getting rushed. This way, the conflicting members will open up and speak out their mind with clarity. It is one of the most vital communication strategies that leaders should adopt.

7. Be tactful:

When conducting such meetings, do be sympathetic. It can be a difficult situation for any person. Set positive collaboration tone and other sympathetic expressions. Show that you care for both the parties and is acting neutral in this case.

8. Conflict resolution strategies:

It involves four major strategies like Competing, Compromising, Avoiding and Accommodating. Depending on the situation, you may use all of them or anyone to resolve the conflict.

Following the above will ensure all types of conflicts are taken care of and future ones are prevented or stopped before it escalates.

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