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8 Best API Affiliate Programs Developers Can Join To Make Money

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These days, people in almost every segment have been trying to make some extra money to beat inflation. Passive income sources may need minimal effort and can ensure financial security. It also helps in Business Growth if you have started a new one while establishing additional financial freedom. The middle class considers it as a valuable asset and a wonderful tool to become rich. API affiliate programs can benefit developers immensely. Benefits offered are:

API-based Affiliate Programs exclusively for API Developers

1. APIs offer high-precision data. Affiliates also can get access to data in large amounts in a short time.

2. API Affiliate Programs can authorize developers to get connected with and work with advertisers uninterruptedly. No second channel will be desired, thus ensuring smooth work and reducing manual workload.

3. Data needs to be manually entered just once. Then, using API keys, it gets automatically updated.

4. Using API key, data is likely to remain secure and safe, thus not getting compromised.

API Affiliate marketing can be made a primary or passive income source as desired.

Top API Affiliate Programs for Developers to Make Money

1. ScrapingBee:

Scrapingbee api affiliate

This web scraping API offers API platform-based affiliate programs. API used is easy to understand and use. Joining the referral program helps earn a 25% commission. You may join it being a freelancer, working for some software agency indulging in web scrapping activities, or creating blogs concerning your programming. Artificial Intelligence can be used for this purpose.

2. ChangeNow:

Changenow api affiliate programs

It is a prominent global crypto instant exchange platform whose ecosystem includes different types of crypto services. It includes a digital wallet, mobile exchange, B2B Networking Events, and affiliate programs. This affiliate program provides a trouble-free opportunity to earn profits. Select any solution to receive common transactions made by your audience.

3. Zyte:

Zyte api affiliate programs

This advancing API affiliate programs offers beginners free one-month access to a smart proxy manager. You can develop unique content, and scale up web scraping, where sales of about $1000 can help you earn 50% commission. It also has an active customer support team and takes a customer-centric approach.

4. Apify:

Apify api affiliate programs

It is termed to be an Artificial Intelligence, automated, customized, and complete web solution. Anyone can use it to automate time-consuming, dull web-related tasks, thus reducing your work burden. It is also known to have user-friendly, automatic, fast web integration and data scrapping. Each referral made through an affiliate link can help fetch a 20% recurring commission.

5. Abstract:

Abstract api affiliate programs

It is among the popular API Networking Events that help you to earn about $500 a month as commission. You can access easily HTML codes, published affiliate newsletters, and track codes for free deals and coupons. For the latter, you are to enroll in the program. However, you need to update and maintain the site.

6. Octoparse:

Octoparse api affiliate programs

This platform allows you to earn about 15% of referral commission. Users are provided with unlimited referrals. Also, a unique link and code for registering as an affiliate marketer. Hundreds of servers support the Cloud platform, thereby allowing quick data extraction and the same Cloud storage. Also, scheduling the process ensures access at the chosen time and data from any machine.

7. CoinMarketCap:

Coinmarketcap api affiliate programs

For crypto assets, it is termed to be among the most availed price-tracking companies in the crypto space. The objective here is to offer accurate, quality, and timely crypto data. Users can establish and create affiliate referral links. However, your account should have 200 diamonds to derive a referral link.

8. Hunter:

Hunter api affiliate programs

Professionals using this platform can generate, and nurture connections by hunting for different companies’ email addresses. You can earn about 30 percent of recurring revenue within the first year of registration! Payment via PayPal follows conversion after 45 days.

Earning passive income

Thus, by choosing any of the API Affiliate Programs, you can earn passive income and boost financial stability.

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