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7 Upselling Sales Techniques to Increase Business Revenue in 2022

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Positive customer experience is of utmost importance for any business to achieve sure success. Poor experience will only mean less traffic, volume of sales and revenue. Companies these days resort to ‘upselling’. It is considered to be a sales technique to increase transaction value. It is performed with a service or item that a customer desired to purchase to be given an add-on or an upgrade.

7 Upselling Sales Techniques to consider in 2022

1. Avoid upselling everyone:

It will be wise to upsell to target customers only based upon certain metrics. Get to know their past behavior and their receptive level towards your proposal. Metrics like average spend, time between purchases, satisfaction and product usage are great indicators to know whether to upsell or not. In case a customer fails to match your criteria, then consider cross-selling or simply nurture customer relationship. The latter is sure to provide future upselling opportunities.

2. First-data party for identifying customer interests and needs:

It can be termed to the data gathered through direct interactions with the customer. It may be through your form, app or website. Analyze customer behavior to know their behavioral patterns, interests and specific needs. Accordingly customize each interaction. Considering needs-based upselling procedure helps highlight vital aspects allowing you to know if the customer will find the same relevant or useful. It also encourages sales and offers high Return on Investment.

3. Use multiple channels:

There are several omnichannel messaging platforms that you may choose to convey vital messages and promotions to potential customers. To boost your ECommerce store, it will be necessary to select a platform that your targeted customers prefer. Hence, it should be just any ecommerce messaging platform that you come across. For instance, send upsell message through app-based push notifications. Later on, follow it up with an email.

Use multiple channels upselling sales techniques

4. Time pitches carefully:

There are times when you can upsell even before conforms his/her purchase. Otherwise, simply wait for your opportunity and try to improve customer experience. Also nurture other aspects associate with customer relationship. Also use push notifications, email, social media marketing to offer engaging content. Send surveys with a feedback form as it can provide you with their valuable opinion on the kind of experience they had with your business.

5. Offer time limited discounts:

You can offer limited time discounts to your potential customers to make purchases at your ECommerce store. Offering such discounts is sure to create that sense of urgency. It can be like a one-time discount voucher/code or lower subscription rate for a couple of months. Personalizing upsell to match customer’s specific interests will prove to be an incentive that will convert them.

6. Visuals to highlight upsell value:

Customers will be interested in your upsell only if it matches their requirements and satisfaction. However, to convince them, you just have couple of seconds. The fact is no one will be interested to go through the email or checkout paper that mentions thanks for their purchase. But visuals can prove to be more than effective as it manages to capture correctly the customer’s attention during that brief period!

7. Sync cross-selling efforts and upselling efforts:

To improve Return on Investment, you need to first leverage customer profiles. It helps determine who is likely to more receptive towards upselling. Consider cross-selling if the customer fails to match your set criteria.

Significance of first-party data

The fact is that first-party data is considered to be very foundation of developing result-oriented Upselling Sales Techniques. It reveals the kind of relationship that customer enjoys with your business. It also includes the interactions which made them to consider your business, pages viewed, etc.

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