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7 Top Data Management Platforms And Software To Know in 2022

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In the data-centric era, systems and tools for data management are highly sought-after and are growing in popularity. Data firms are beginning to understand how data management solutions can translate real-time data into insightful information that will improve consumer interaction. Systems for data management are assisting in audience segmentation and scalability, audience analysis, and seamless customer recruitment. The following are the seven top data management platforms and software to know in 2022:

1. Audience Manager for Adobe

Audience manager for adobe data management platform

Adobe Manager is considered among the best data management tools for having a thorough grasp of clients. It is the latest data management software that supports the use of numerous experience-oriented solutions for multiple data firms while working with developing data sources. The fusion of several data sources, including CRM, point-of-sale, and countless others, is helpful. Device graphing, identity management, and other profitable capabilities are available with Adobe Audience Manager.

2. Marketing Cloud by Nielsen

Marketing cloud by nielsen data management platform

Another of the most significant data management tools, the Nielsen Marketing Cloud provides crowd measurement, media relations, advertising optimization, and content metadata. Data firms now have access to a wide range of Nielsen audience data. It makes use of both Nielsen AI and built-in analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing and make adjustments for data firms in real time. It enables data experts to manage, personalize, activate, and analyze audience data.

3. Interbase

Interbase data management platform

Among the top data management programs, Interbase has a full feature set, excellent performance, extremely quick, and scalable. Integrating a low-cost and safe database, it gives data experts multi-dimensional data protection, changes synchronization, and recovery plans. It is regarded as the first information management program to incorporate multi-generational architecture, often known as multi-version concurrency control.

4. MongoDB

Mongodb data management platform

In order to facilitate the creation of the data, MongoDB is renowned as a multi-cloud programmer data management platform with an integrated suite of cloud databases and data services. It provides a document model that includes many different features, including key-value pairs, diagrams, relations, geographic data, time-series data, events, and numerous others. With the Atlas UI, CLI, Infrastructure-as-Code helpful resource, and other tools, data professionals working for data firms may construct a cloud database in a matter of seconds.

5. The platform for Google Marketing

The platform for google marketing data management platform

Among the top 10 data management tools is Google Marketing Platform, which unifies analytics and marketing for good marketing and more insightful data. It provides straightforward data management tools for numerous small businesses. To increase the efficiency of data firms, this data management software offers many integrated solutions for data experts, including analytics, data studios, optimization, surveys, tag manager, and campaign manager 360.

6. OrientDB

Orientdb data management platform

With the help of relevant and pertinent data, OrientDB provides data experts with a forum for exchanging ideas and sharing experiences. It offers a command-line terminal for quickly and efficiently administering databases through a terminal console interface, as well as a graphing designer for data visualization, interaction, change, and studio query.

7. Cloudera

Cloudera data management platform

With real-time connectivity to all types of real-time data, Cloudera is an established data management program that can assist in helping users make smarter decisions. Data professionals can use the “Power of And” as well as a mixed information management platform. It aids data firms in developing a data-driven environment with added versatility, ease, and cost-effectiveness.


These are the top 07 data management software and platform. You must keep them in mind while choosing to purchase data management software and also you can read an article about data transformation tools and their benefits.

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