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7 Things To Focus On When Developing A Website For Your Start-Up

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So, you have finally decided to leave your unfulfilling job and start a business of your own, right?

That’s great!

But, wait…

– Do you have your website ready?

– What is the condition of your social media marketing?

– Do you have a target audience?

– An SEO strategy?


The purpose of this article is not to overwhelm you, so we will stop right here!

Let’s start with the first point.

Having a website.

Now, no matter how small or local your business is, having your own digital presence never hurts.

Rather, it can make your business a little more credible. So, you should think about creating your own website as soon as possible.

However, if you are a novice, it is not just about getting a free template from the internet and simply putting pictures and texts in them. You will need something unique and exclusive to your industry and business.

Then, how do we achieve this?

How can we ensure that our website is unique but at the same time is easy to navigate. Well, here are some tips and tricks to focus upon when you are building your own website.

If you want a professional to scrutinize your website and rectify it, then the team of web development by Digitech Web Design can do the job.

Why Website Is So Important To Your Business

Your television advertisements and billboards can wait, but your website is something you absolutely need when it comes to starting your business.

  • Your website is like the digital home to your business. So whenever you are posting something on social media or just putting down an infographic there, it has to lead somewhere.
  • Your website is the first source of information that the target audiences are getting.
  • With a website, your business is much more concrete and credible.
  • You can SEO optimize your website to reach out to your desired audience base more.
  • Your physical store might be open till 9-5, but you can acknowledge customers 24/7 and from all time zones when you have a website.

Things To Focus On When You Are Building A Website

Now that you know the importance of having your own website. You might also want to make a good impression of your website.

Things to focus on when you are building a website website developing

After all, that is the first thing that your audience is seeing!

1. Do Not Go For The Default Setting

Whenever you are creating a website, always ensure that it stands out from the rest. Vis a vis, if you are using a tool or software with templates, do not go for the common one.

You can either have those paid services in those tools, which allows you to change the image, font, and color schemes. Just to give it a touch of exclusivity.

If not, then the best solution would be to pay a professional to do it because they will listen to your vision and understand your requirements.

Plus, since it is an original idea, the content will also be unique to your business.

2. Pick The Right Color Scheme

When you go through the color wheel for your website, ensure the color schemes match the ideology of the business.

You shouldn’t have a color scheme that is too out there or something too minimal. But then again, your company and ideology also determine a lot.

For example, if your company is mental health-related, you wouldn’t want a flash of orange or bright red, right?

You would rather go for a subtle color in this theme. The same goes for a clothing line or a dating site.

When looking at the colors, make sure that you are selecting the correct font. These visual things can make a lot of difference when it comes to viewer impression.

3. Make It Easy To Navigate

Another thing that determines the positive and negative side of a viewer’s impression is navigation.

There have been times when people are literally forced to click out of a website because it is so difficult to navigate.

– Either they have too many ads that keep on popping.

– The selection of cookies takes a lot of time.

– It is difficult to understand what is where.

– There is no search engine.

It is like those annoying salesmen who never let you shop properly, only digital!

Let your customers take the time with your website, and allow them to browse through it before you can ask them to sign up for cookies or newsletters, and keep everything simple.

4. Proofread It Thoroughly

There is nothing more annoying than finding grammatical mistakes on the first page. This can increase the bounce rate of your website [where people enter and leave within a few minutes]

Google algorithm doesn’t see this activity in a positive light. For them, it is a website that is ranking but eventually not gaining interest.

So, thoroughly proofread your website before launching it.

5. Create A Chat Room

Create an informal chat room where the viewers can come and ask questions. Plus, make sure the answers are quick.

Create a chat room developing a website

Do not make them wait for more than twenty-four hours!

This helps build a harmonious customer relationship and increases the rate of conversion. Because now they know you have excellent customer service.

6. Link Your Social Media Accounts

Some might not feel very comfortable chatting over the website.

They might doubt it’s a robot giving a generalized answer. So, always link your social media to your website.

First, to let people interact with you.

Second, increase your social media following.

7. SEO Optimization

Now, after all this planning, preparation, and work of creativity. There could still be a chance that you don’t get the traffic you desire.


That is only if you do not SEO optimize your website. We cannot stress over this point enough, but SEO is important to gain and boost traffic.

Traffic will soon be your customer.

Build It Like A Boss!

No matter how small your business is, if you have a plan in mind and you are working hard towards it,

You are already a boss!

Your website should reflect it. S, it shouldn’t look amateurish.

If you want, you can ask for professional help!

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