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7 Money Mindset Blocks That Keeps You & Your Business Broke

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What are money mindset blocks?

Money mindset blocks refer to the mindset that is a series of thoughts hindering your financial success. Anyway, you can always fix your beliefs and your mindsets.

7 Money Mindset Blocks That Keep You & Your Business Broke

1. I can earn a year 100K, but will be happy earning 50K

The very thought can set bad manifesting. It shows you are vague about what you want and is a result of a lack of confidence and self-belief.

Fix it– Get concrete about your wish and speed up the process of manifestation. The more your desire is concrete, it is easy to manifest. It is to hit the target directly. Only then you can see more opportunities coming your way, and you can achieve your goal.

2. I will barter my services, as I cannot start charging right now

The basic problem for many people setting up new businesses is to give services. It is one of the money mindset blocks. They believe they lack expertise, have no skills, and have to offer free services. They are ready to barter their services and shy to charge for the same.

I will barter my services money mindset

Fix it– Stop making it harder. Work in a receptive mode. You are worthy to charge and chase away your low confidence. Pick your self-worth and do business believing in yourself.

3. Having company with negative people who lack a positive approach to money

Do you have a company with negative people? They have a poor mindset. It is good to be calculative and set financial goals. However, people always complaining about not having sufficient money are a pain.

Fix it: Having a broad mindset allows immersing in the same type of people. Change your company and do not participate in any activity of their association. Stay positive and charged, while you can be mindful of not speaking of money negatively.

4. It is better to give than receive

The very thought of giving makes everyone happy. Especially, women are natural givers, and there is no expectation to receive anything in return. The same carries as an investment plan that they are not ready to receive.

Fix it– No need to leave leftover crumbs. Practice receiving and let others do for you. A compliment received for your work is a must, you deserve it. Accept if someone buys you a small gift. Ensure you are comfortable in accepting and changing your life. Introduce healthy habits and practices.

5. Dealing with finances is hard for me -let my partner deal with everything.

Are you not interested in financial matters or business growth? Do you get worried about finance-related issues or do not know how to earn and spend? Whatever giving your partner deal everything means you hand over the power to other partners. It means you are in control of the other person.

Fix it– Firstly, dealing with finances is not tough. Feeling confident with financial matters is never scary. When you manage financial matters, you feel empowered and less obscure. The fear is out, and you will never lack clarity on managing finances.

6. I hate paying my bills or rent

Hearing about paying bills or rent, does it give a dread sense? Do you feel some sort of resentment towards paying rent or bills? It is a negative feeling to pay as it gives a scarcity mindset.

Fix it– Overcome this fear of scarcity. Paying your bills or rent is an investment plan. It includes the secure feel of having your home offering warmth and safety to you. The grocery bill is for the meals you eat. Spending money is for a good and valuable cause it will mirror back in abundance.

7. I lack money to save

People believe saving is possible only by people who earn lots of money. They feel uncomfortable working on financial goals and saving money and are not comfortable with saving or budgeting.

Fix it: Budgeting is the best. Follow it and never carry more money with you. Excess money is an effort to save for the future. If you find, you are unable to find new ways to earn more and enjoy saving. It offers a sense of security.

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