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7 Important Guidelines For Creating an Investor-Ready Franchise Business

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You may have started a business and want to know how to scale it further. One way to develop a successful operation is to franchise it. Franchising is an agreement reproducing some successful business model carried out across multiple locations. You being the franchisor and business owner develop a franchise agreement, thus initiating the process and trying to launch a new franchise. Through this agreement, franchisees have limited rights to your training systems, supply chain networks, and intellectual property. You will also have leverage on what Marketing and Branding Strategies to implement.

Guidelines for Creating Investor-Ready Franchise

1. Business is franchise-ready:

Before you start your franchising journey, ask yourself a few questions to ensure that you are ready to franchise your business. A few essential questions include:

1. Is your business profitable and healthy?

2. Can you afford expansion and franchising or borrow funding?

3. Have you expanded successfully already to another location?

4. Can you close effectively your business model?

5. Are you comfortable providing training and support to your franchisees?

6. Are you capable enough to market your franchise opportunities?

2. Safeguarding intellectual property:

Granting access to intellectual property to franchisees is a vital element to consider. This Unique Selling Proposition can help them to brand the franchise based on your set guidelines. It also helps your business to grow successfully. In case your intellectual property lacks protection, you may face risks. Hence, safeguard intellectual property to make your business recognizable and unique.

3. Prepare FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document):

Franchise Rule states that you need to provide an FDD to prospective franchisees for sale. It should comply with prevailing FTC rules. FDD for your franchise is similar to articles of organization. It defines operating terms, introduces key players, addresses obligations related to franchise agreements,s and includes financial statements. Franchise Rule mandates FDD to comprise 23 specific sections including Financial Projections. Taking the help of a qualified franchise lawyer will help understand in detail the specific requirements.

Prepare fdd

4. Compile franchise operations manual:

Complete day-to-day franchise operation details are mentioned in the operations manual. It is preferably digital, changeable, and confidential. Although not a legal document to be signed by the franchise, it is included within the franchise agreement. Hence, franchisees should take note as well as adhere to the enclosed obligations, Marketing, and Branding Strategies. Give up some control considering your business conception and its execution. But ensure all essential requirements are stringently met.

5. Draft franchise agreement:

This contract binds you with the franchisee while setting certain expectations. The latter determines franchise operational strategies and Financial Projections. Remember, a franchise is not an employee, but an independent contractor. Signing the contract allows them to stay aligned with the franchise. The contract with a stay in the FDD was compiled for the franchise. No certain format exists. However, it should be thorough and clear.

6. Register/File FDD:

Store FDD in a safe, easy-to-access place on completion that allows you to update it as and whenever necessary. FDD is a vital document. However, whether to file or not is determined by your state government. Non-registration states, filing states, and registration states have set up their own rules for franchisors to follow. A registered trademark is essential on disclosure documents by Non-registration states, for instance, require obtaining a trademark.

7. Achieve sales goals with proper strategy:

Set realistic goals along with a realistic strategy to achieve success. It needs to relate to your business and be unique to your growth goals and community. Formulate viable strategies and Unique Selling Propositions.

Investor-Ready Franchises can be a major asset to any entrepreneur. This concept boosts growth and allows you to scale your business. You can derive a scalable model, brand reputation, passive income, and diverse revenue.

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