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7 Best Business Loan Schemes For Women Entrepreneurs

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In the economic environment of today, it has become necessary to see gender equality. It is because women from diverse social backgrounds and classes are welcoming the MSME sector. The overflow of businessmen is not new. Now with the introduction of incentives for women entrepreneurs, many women are stepping forward.

Women entrepreneurs now fuel economic growth. They provide different management, business, and organization solutions, and open new doors. Enabling women’s empowerment by offering the business loan is a vital role of the NGOs. They offer this along with the efforts of the government and other government agencies.

The 7 best business loan schemes for women entrepreneurs are:

1. Udyogini

Udyogini business loan schemes

The Udyogini program is from the Punjab and Sind Bank. It offers business loans to females at favorable terms and low-interest rates. The loans are useful to establish agricultural activities, small businesses, and small-scale industries. Self-employed women and retail entrepreneurs can apply for this loan.

2. Cent Kalyani

Cent kalyani business loan schemes

It is run by the Central Bank of India and they provide financial aid to women entrepreneurs. It may help in business expansion as women entrepreneurs receive financial assistance. Professionals, business owners, and women entrepreneurs can apply to Cent Kalyani for a loan. They can benefit from these loans if their business is small or they are engaged in agriculture or allied activities. It is available to women working in village businesses.

3. Bharatiya Mahila Bank

Bharatiya mahila bank business loan schemes

Women initiating their businesses can avail loans as working capital. Bharatiya Mahila Bank offers SME loans, Microloans, loans against property, and retail loans as business loans to women. The property is easy to mortgage here and acquires up to 20 crores loan amount.

4. Annapurna

Annapurna scheme business loan schemes

The Annapurna scheme is for women entrepreneurs running partnership firms or businesses, who are eligible for this scheme. They can get financial assistance to establish catering units. The maximum loan amount is 50,000 INR as the term loan. A guarantor is required to obtain this loan. The rate of interest for the loan is determined by the market. This loan is provided by the State Bank of Mysore to women entrepreneurs. They provide a one-month moratorium period before you repay in 36 installments the loan.  Apart from the financing, these loans are the working capital. It helps finance utensils purchases, water filters, and other kitchen equipment for the food business.

5. SIDBI Mahila Udyam Nidhi

Sidbi mahila udyam nidhi business loan schemes

SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India’s Mahila Udyam Nidhi Scheme) offers up to Rs. 10 lakh financial assistance. The female entrepreneurs in the small-scale sector can avail of this loan to launch new industrial enterprises.

6. Dena Shakti

Dena shakti business loan schemes

Dena Bank offers this scheme to women-owned businesses. Here you qualify for the loans in the agriculture, manufacturing sector, and related sectors with a 0.25% interest rate concession. It works as a small finance bank providing loans for businesswomen with retail stores or microcredits.  Even small enterprises may apply for this loan.


Women, financially independent can contribute to faster development and growth. The Indian government has made initiatives to make credit available to women. Thus, they can use and achieve their business goals. They can consider business expansion and provide more jobs for additional women.

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