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6 Sites To Help You Become An Expert At Student Innovation

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Innovative Learning is given more importance these days at all levels. Classrooms filled with fun and honor creativity are considered to be lively places for all students. It encourages learning while allowing students to retain valuable information. Previously, lack of technology made education a boring topic. Fortunately, in today’s digital age, there are several sites that can enhance learning experience.

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Top 6 Sites That Promote Student Innovation

1. DOGOnews

DOGOnews Student Innovation

Kids should be aware of the occurrences in their immediate surroundings. Traditional newspapers are no more favored upon. Rather, it will useful to use only child-safe news sites. One such highly informative and safe place for kids is DOGOnews. This site offers news and non-fictional information, filtering different stores that are based upon diverse categories. These include Entertainment, Science and Sports. At the article’s end is a follow-up part that helps evaluate your child’s understanding of the specific content. It also links them with a popup map or dictionary feature.

2. BrainPOP

BrainPOP Student Innovation

This site deals in almost all subjects ranging from math to music! It also has humorous animated scenes while breaking down complicated concepts to useful, easy-to-understand ideas. To enable this, real-world experiences are used. Logical categories and labels are used, thus making the site well-organized while providing simple and smooth navigation process. Adobe Flash Player will be required for playing BrainPOP movies. Such videos have interactive games, quizzes and activities. Boby, a funny robot is fun clip, enjoyed by kids.

3. SpellUP

SpellUP Student Innovation

Many kids experience trouble while learning to spell and pronounce words correctly. They need adult encouragement and assistance to accomplish this task. SpellUP is rather an interactive Google Chrome-based spelling game. It has exciting graphics and crisp audio and does not require chrome extension installation. Simply click on play function to get started with it. Security system companies have ensured it is safe for kids.

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4. Funology

Funology Student Innovation

You may perhaps desire your child to spend less time watching TV or play mobile games. If so, then this captivating offline Innovative Learning site can keep him/her occupied. It is designed as a valuable toolkit that both parents and teachers can benefit from. For kids, it can prove to be an amazing online laboratory and playground. There are provided certain guidelines that children are to follow when dealing with several learning programs. Your child is also encouraged to try out a few crafts, science experiments, magic tricks and arts. Over time, you might include trivia questions, games and jokes.

5. Science Bob

Science Bob Student Innovation

These are remarkable Halloween themed experiments that security system companies have on offer. Some suitable examples are drinkable beverages and dancing ghosts. They are just loved by kids. However, they are merely experiments and ideas for your children to indulge in this website. Your child can find answers to some curious questions such as ‘why onions cause tears’, etc. Teachers and parents may search through the site to provide the child with appropriate ideas. But while the little ones perform experiments, it will be useful to do some supervision.

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6. Scratch

Scratch Student Innovation

Kids should be encouraged to learn coding as it offers real-world experiences. It allows them to get introduced to the world of programming. Scratch can teach kids to make use of visual tools. The approach used here is ‘cause and effect’ where you get to click on diverse color-coded guidelines. You get to view how beautiful animal spirits get affected.

These are a few of the amazing sites that when introduced support Student Innovation at an early age. You should select one based on your child’s needs and IQ level. The selected site should be interesting and support your child’s education and not be considered overwhelming.

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