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6 Job Skills Employers Are Looking For

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No matter which job you apply for, there are skills that every employer looks for in job candidates. When you seek help from workforce services, they may encourage you to develop these skills to increase your chances of getting called for interviews. Here are the top six job skills employers look for in a resume:

1. Communication

No matter your workplace, you need to communicate with your colleagues and supervisors effectively to do your job well. Some communication skills that employers look for in candidates include:

  • Active listening
  • Good writing skills
  • Solid speaking skills

Writing skills are key for communication via email and formal letters. You should also know how to communicate via digital tools like video conferencing. Good speaking skills are helpful in jobs that require negotiations and sales marketing. Active listening helps you receive key information which may be necessary for you to succeed in your job.

2. Teamwork 

The ability to work well with a team is necessary for any employee who works with other individuals. Even when your role involves a lot of independent work, you may eventually have to collaborate with others. Employers value employees that can work well with others because it fosters unity within the organization.

Teamwork also results in faster problem-solving and innovative solutions that promote efficiency. Interviewers may ask job candidates to describe instances where they worked with a team and the outcome of the teamwork. This question is used to gauge your teamwork skills.

3. Digital Literacy

In the digital age, nearly all organizations may require the use of a computer to some extent. It helps to have basic computer skills. Learn how to use word-processing tools, email, video and teleconferencing, and data-processing software.

If your dream job requires advanced computer skills, enroll in online courses to improve your skills. Be sure to highlight any technical skills you have on your resume, even if they seem obvious. Organizations that offer workforce services may train their clients on basic computing skills to help them be more competitive in the job market.

4. Problem Solving

Employers want to know that their employees can manage challenging situations at work without compromising productivity and work quality. Being able to think fast and come up with solutions makes you an asset in any organization.

Employers consider employees with effective problem-solving skills to be reliable. Your ability to solve problems in your workplace can also mean you can work well independently. Critical thinking and decision-making are some of the skills to develop to be a good problem solver.

5. Time Management 

Time management 

Organizations where employees juggle several projects at a time value job candidates who are good time managers. Prospective employers want to know that you can manage the time allocated to different tasks without forcing your manager to keep tabs on you. Your ability to prioritize tasks shows your time management skills. Planning and organization are other skills related to time management.

6. Integrity and Strong Work Ethic

Many employers want trustworthy employees who will do their job without taking shortcuts and work well without supervision. Some organizations deal with sensitive information, so all their employees must have integrity. Having a strong work ethic is favorable to your employer because you can deliver on your responsibilities without being micromanaged.

Find Your Dream Job With Workforce Services

When applying for jobs and attending interviews, you want to showcase all the above skills to stand a better chance of getting a job. Workforce services help you prepare for interviews and may train you to write your resume to highlight your valuable skills. With the help of a workforce services organization, your chances of finding your dream job may improve.

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