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6 Best Money Making Apps in 2022

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Money making apps are in a galore, and they pay for different tasks. Most of these money making apps are free to use. It has a few ways to make money using mobile devices.

Best Money Making Apps     

1. Money Making Apps – Ibotta

Ibotta money making apps

This is the best app earning on grocery shopping the cashback. Ibotta provides real money with purchases every day on select brands, in-store or online retailers. It is a free app. Signing up for Ibotta is rewarding right from the time you start as they give a welcome bonus of $20.

It is one of the best money-earning apps allowing you to earn $5 more by registering your friends on the app through referrals.  This app integrates with reputed retailers such as Amazon, Banana Republic, and Kohl’s, besides delivery services such as Instacart, Walmart Grocery, and Shipt.


  • Directly purchase using the Ibotta app using the linked credit card
  • Use the Ibottta Teamwork function and earn more
  • Submit receipts within seven days after the purchase.

2. Money Making Apps – Robinhood

Robinhood money making app

Robinhood sets itself apart as a commission-free investment platform that gives a convenient way to spend money on a lot of belongings, inclusive of ETFs, stocks, and cryptocurrency buying and selling. By leveraging Robinhood’s user-friendly interface, investors have the opportunity to engage in shopping for and selling activities regarding popular digital currencies which includes Ethereum and Bitcoin, along with getting entry to a selection of other cryptocurrencies for diversifying their portfolio.

The Robinhood app provides users with the opportunity to spend money on famous blue-chip shares like Microsoft and Google in fractional quantities, allowing greater accessible access to the inventory marketplace. Additionally, the app boasts an easy and intuitive interface that aids customers in seamlessly navigating and executing trades within the equities market.


  • Open an account with a zero balance
  • Invest in more than 7000 mutual funds and stocks
  • Enjoy free Gold Service for 30 days.

3. Money Making Apps – Airbnb

Airbnb money making app

Airbnb stands out as an exceptional platform amongst money-earning apps, imparting people the rewarding opportunity to utilize their extra living space by means of listing it for rent. Whether you’ve got a spare room, belongings, or maybe a relaxed condo, Airbnb allows you to effectively turn those spaces into resources of instantaneous profits.

By developing a listing on their user-friendly website, you may showcase your area to a good-sized worldwide target audience, attracting potential visitors from all corners of the world and facilitating seamless transactions that advantage each host and travelers alike.

Airbnb has turned out to be extensively popular amongst travelers in search of particular accommodation alternatives, making it a convenient and efficient booking platform that still serves as an excellent investment opportunity for property owners. This innovative platform not best permits you to make money by renting out your area but also offers peace of thought with comprehensive security measures in place.

With Airbnb offering as much as $1 million in property damage protection and $1 million coverage insurance for accidents, hosts can enhance open their doorways to visitors even as safeguarding their investments. Furthermore, hosts can enhance their earnings capacity by way of offering additional offerings such as transportation, eating reviews, and curated cultural activities, developing more value for visitors and increasing their earnings opportunities.


  • Set your prices and get the property’s worth.
  • Access to billions of visitors
  • The booking amount is received within 24 hours of the guest’s arrival.

4. Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards money making app

Google Opinion Rewards is supported by the renowned search engine, Google, providing users with a unique opportunity to earn rewards with the aid of honestly sharing their minds. To start benefiting from this innovative platform, all you need to do is download the user-friendly survey app to your smartphone, where you may simply express your evaluations and accumulate rewards within the technique.

You can make effective use of your unfastened time by means of engaging in brief surveys overlaying an extensive variety of topics, from TV shows to hotels, or even reaching out to merchants, retailers, or eCommerce shops. These surveys may be effortlessly completed at numerous points during your day; whether you are expecting a pickup provider, in line at the financial institution, or even in the course of a short break in the restroom, you have the opportunity to earn a bit of greater earnings.

Google rewards your efforts by offering payments through PayPal or Play credits for each survey finished, imparting a payout that typically stages between $0.10 and $1 consistent with the survey.


  • Users are notified automatically when the survey is available
  • A $2 threshold only is asked for withdrawals
  • No purchases are essential to earning money.

5. Rakuten

Rakuten money making app

An excellent browser extension, together with Rakuten, is incredibly useful and accessible to all users. Rakuten stands out as an effective device that not simplest complements your browsing experience but additionally allows you to earn money easily. This innovative app offers features like in-store coupon utilization, price comparison, and object scanning to maximize your savings by providing cash back on your purchases.

By simply signing up and incorporating Rakuten into your shopping ordinary, you may look forward to receiving quarterly payments, every amounting to at least $5.01. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save and earn effects with Rakuten!


  • No fees
  • In-store purchases cash-back is applicable
  • More than 2500 stores are available

6. Swagbucks

Swagbucks money making app

Swagbucks offers a lot of opportunities for users to earn money through engaging with eCommerce stores. These include receiving cash rewards for simple tasks like watching videos, participating in surveys, gaming, and making eligible purchases. The platform efficaciously combines enjoyment activities with financial benefits, improving the general user experience and providing a seamless manner to earn rewards.

Swagbucks is a flexible platform that offers various ways to earn cash fast, which includes browsing the internet, shopping with online stores, and taking part in polls and surveys. In addition to those activities, customers can redeem their earned rewards for precise gift playing cards, products, or even cash, making it a convenient and flexible option for those seeking to make a little extra cash.


  • Swagbucks gives 10% to earn through referrals
  • Motivated users earn per month $100 or more
  • The joining bonus is $10 for users spending $25
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