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6 Best Meeting Management Software For Remote Teams

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Using meeting management software, your team can organize and conduct effective meetings as well as work cross-functionally afterward. Planning and scheduling meetings, recording and transcribing conversations, gathering and sharing insights, and working with other teams are all made simpler with the correct meeting management tools. In this article, we are going to talk about the 06 best meeting management software for remote workforce.

1. Grains Meeting Management Software

Grains meeting management software remote teams

Among the most comprehensive meeting management software is Grain, which focuses on maximizing the value of video meetings for your business. You can record meetings with Grain, and it will seamlessly transcribe both live and recorded meetings. Your remote workforce may search, find, and evaluate information from all the talks using a shared video library that you can create by clipping and sharing the important moments.

Grain enables businesses to protect institutional knowledge, boost revenue by analyzing prospect dialogues, employ superior talent more quickly, and gather insightful information for product teams.

2. Webex

Webex meeting management software remote teams

An enterprise-level meeting management tool called Webex was bought by Cisco in 2007. The built-in scheduler makes it simple to host appointments, and the advanced scheduler lets you deliver email reminders. In addition, Webex includes a mobile app that enables messaging, calling, and attendance during meetings. To increase audience engagement, you may add interactive surveys, conduct sizable virtual gatherings with up to 100,000 attendees, and share and modify files.

3. Vyte

Vyte meeting management system remote teams

Unlike other platforms, Vyte meeting management system enables you to view your webpage and appointment schedule directly from the browser. The Vyte remote workforce is intended to get rid of the extra processes involved in inviting people to meetings and scheduling them. For iOS users, Vyte also provides a mobile app. Utilizing Vyte offers a lot of advantages. The best advantages include the storage space requirement,  time tracking, and an incredibly user-friendly interface. Additionally, you can keep participants anonymous and personalize your booking page as per your requirements.

4. Parabol

Parabol meeting management system remote teams

Scrum teams and other managers may conduct effective guided sessions online with the help of Parabol, a solution for online meetings. It interacts with your preferred tools and is ready to use right out of the box. With adaptable templates, anonymous evaluations, multiplayer groupings, and facilitated talks, Parabol aids the remote workforce in finding their groove and enhancing their meeting-related collaboration. Parabol offers an efficient method for online project management.

5. GoTo Meeting

Goto meeting remote teams

GoTo Meeting is a teleconferencing software with a simple user interface for online project management. The platform combines flexibility and efficiency to enable employees to work efficiently whenever, wherever, and on any device. GoTo Meeting is a fantastic tool that functions on any device and has features like in-meeting chats, time tracking, desktop sharing, browser-based conferences, and HD video calls.

6. Fellow

Fellow remote teams

A meeting management tool called Fellow places a strong emphasis on fostering cooperation through effective one-on-one conversations, task-setting, and responsibility. The Fellow ensures that meetings are well-organized and that everyone is aware of the next steps with tools like meeting agenda templates, drafting and assigning key actions, and written notes.

The app also allows you to invite people you work with outside your company to the platform to keep meeting agendas and action items in one place.


Each of the aforementioned tools has a special benefit. Based on the primary characteristics, the issues this instrument will address, and your budget, make your choice.

These apps offer the most comprehensive solution for you if you want to archive knowledge, capture and share insights, and create a searchable video archive for your sessions. Utilize these platforms to increase the worth, usability, and accessibility of your recordings regardless of the type of video conference you select.

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