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5 Ways To Prevent Car Theft 2023

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Car theft is a major issue in Ontario, with one vehicle stolen every 48 minutes. In 2021, there were 7.3 stolen autos per 10,000 people. SUVs were the most popular targets for thieves in Ontario, with the 2018 Lexus RX being the most stolen vehicle, and models that were built between 2016 and 2019 being the most targeted.

Criminals have become quite crafty as they use many tools that help them steal and resell these vehicles. A rise in stolen vehicle trends means that you can expect a rise in your car insurance as well. To avoid an increase in your car insurance premium, it is important to understand how to protect your car from theft.

According to a report by the Équité Association, the most commonly stolen vehicles in Ontario are SUVs, with the Lexus RX Series being the most targeted. The organization noticed an increased amount of thefts for export, more advanced technology used for theft, and that thieves opt for more high-end vehicles today.

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Tips to Make Your Vehicle Less Susceptible to Theft

Car theft is a prevalent issue that can leave car owners frustrated and helpless. Losing a vehicle can be a stressful experience because it involves the loss of a valuable item that is needed for daily transportation. Here are things that you can do if you want to learn how to protect your car from theft:

1. Using anti-theft gadgets

Using anti-theft gadgets is one of the most successful ways to prevent car theft. There are several anti-theft gadgets on the market, such as steering wheel locks, tire locks, and alarm systems. These technologies can make it more difficult for thieves to steal your car and prevent them from trying.

2. Park in secured locations

Another approach on how to protect your car from theft is to park in secure areas. Avoid parking in locations that are poorly lit or have a high crime rate. Instead, park your car in well-lit areas, such as a garage or a secure parking lot. If you must park on the street, park in a well-lit place and avoid leaving your car alone for long periods of time.

Park in secured locations car theft

3. Keep valuables hidden

Leaving valuables out in the open attracts burglars and raises the chance of theft. Keep your valuables hidden is just one way to protect your car from theft. Avoid leaving your stuff on the dashboard or in the front seat by storing them in the trunk or under the seat. This reduces the temptation for thieves and makes your car a less attractive target.

4. Do not leave your vehicle unattended

Leaving your car running makes it an easy target for burglars. Even if you’re simply running a quick errand, turn off your car and keep the key with you. Unattended car operation is risky and can result in a stolen vehicle and a possibly dangerous situation.

5. Check your insurance coverage

Finally, double-check your insurance coverage to verify you’re fully insured against theft. Comprehensive insurance is required to defend against theft and can cover damages and some valuables within the car. Drivers should carefully evaluate their policies to ensure that they have the appropriate coverage for their needs, as not all policies are able to cover car theft.

What are the Anti-Theft Features of a Car?

There are several anti-theft devices on the market that can prevent car theft. The immobilizer is a popular and effective anti-theft device that prevents the automobile from starting if the actual key is not present. This technology is now common in the majority of automobiles, and it has drastically reduced car theft rates.

Another common anti-theft system is the tracking device. This system uses GPS technology to track the car’s location in real-time. Some tracking devices include extra capabilities such as remote disabling, which allows the owner to remotely turn off the engine if the automobile is taken. This device has been shown to be quite helpful in the recovery of stolen vehicles.

Is Theft Included in Your Car Insurance Policy?

For car theft prevention, drivers should get comprehensive coverage, which covers non-collision situations such as theft, vandalism, and natural catastrophes. Comprehensive coverage can assist drivers in recovering the cost of their stolen vehicle as well as any resulting damage. It may also cover some valuables kept within the vehicle, though coverage limits and exclusions may apply depending on the policy.

It should be noted that not all comprehensive policies are made equal, and drivers should carefully check their insurance to ensure they have the appropriate coverage for their needs. Some plans may include a replacement cost endorsement, which can assist drivers to recover the full cost of a new car if it is stolen and totaled.

To prevent car theft, it’s important for drivers to know how to protect their cars from theft by taking the necessary precautions. Car theft is a serious problem that requires proactive measures to prevent them from occurring. Preventing car theft is crucial to ensure the safety of your vehicle and yourself.

Remember that taking precautions to protect your car from theft is always better than dealing with the aftermath of a stolen vehicle. Stay vigilant and keep your car safe.

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