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5 Ways to Maximize Your Heart Health with Wearable Technology

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What are you waiting for? Start living a healthier life with wearable technology. The right information can make all the difference in your health and fitness goals, and it is available to you anytime, anywhere. Your smartphone or tablet holds an encyclopedia of knowledge about nutrition, exercise routines, sleep patterns, and more—and these devices also have the capability to track your heart rate! Read this article from Dr Ryan Shelton to learn more about how wearables will help maximize your heart health.

Wear a Heart Rate Monitor to Track your Activity

Did you know that your heart rate is the most accurate way to monitor how much energy you’re expending? A heart rate monitor can help you track and maximize your activity and sleep patterns. Wear a chest strap with a wearable device (like Fitbit) or use an app like “RunKeeper” to map out where you go and how long it takes you. It’s easy—and free!

Wear a heart rate monitor to track your activity wearable technology

Use an App like Runkeeper

With this GPS-tracking software, users can organize their workout data by time, distance, speed, and more. This application also automatically adjusts its settings based on user input of personal information such as age, weight, and fitness levels. The best part about using technology for exercise tracking? You can access your data anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection!

Track your Calories if you are trying to Lose Weight

It’s not just about how much you move—but what you’re eating as well! If your goal is to lose weight, download the calorie-counting app “Lose It!” which helps users track their daily calories. You can even sync this helpful application with Fitbit or Jawbone Up! Not sure where to start? Research has shown that most people eat several hundred more calories than they realize each day.

Track What’s in Your Food

Apps like “Fooducate” and “MyFitnessPal” make it easy to track the nutritional value of the food you’re eating. These applications allow you to scan the barcode of a product and see how many calories, protein, carbs, etc., are in that particular food item. This helps people plan their meals accordingly to maximize nutrition and minimize calorie intake. It’s a simple way to boost your overall health. These apps allow you to scan barcodes on packaged foods or input information manually so that you can keep a close eye on your calorie intake (and expenditure).

Get a Smartwatch that Tracks Your Steps

If heart health isn’t reason enough to get a smartwatch, think about all of the other health benefits they offer! These wearable devices can track your steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and more. This valuable data can help motivate you to reach your fitness goals. They can even detect when you’ve been sitting for too long and prompt you to get up and move around. There are two leading companies in this space: Fitbit (their Surge model) and Garmin (Vivoactive). Both products are extremely accurate and offer a wide range of useful features.

There is no better time than the present to start living a healthier life. Wearable technology has the potential to help you reach your fitness goals, and these are just a few examples of how it can do so. Start using one (or all!) of these helpful applications today and see for yourself how much they can improve your heart health.

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