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5 Ways Your Business Can Save Money by Going Green

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Chances are you’ve noticed people all around the world working towards being more environmentally friendly. This way, they’re not only helping preserve the environment, but they’re also saving money. If you’re running a business, you might want to think about doing the same and use the money you save on your core business operations. But how can you do this? Here are 5 ways that are guaranteed to do the trick.

1. Go paperless

World consumption of paper has increased about 400 times compared to 40 years ago, which means more and more trees are being cut down. This makes going paperless a great idea for anyone who wants to aid in saving the environment. And using Word and PDF documents instead of paper means you’ll spend less on office material. Combine the use of these with cloud storage and you’ll save both money and space in your office. Moreover, your employees who work from home will be able to access any document in a matter of seconds

2. Ditch plastic cups

If there’s a water dispenser in your office, you and your employees are probably drinking from plastic cups. And since plastic is one of our biggest enemies when it comes to preserving the environment, you’ll definitely want to think about ditching it. You can replace these with glass water bottles. Personalized glass water bottles are a great gift for your employees and they’ll help you go green. Moreover, you won’t have to buy plastic cups every week, which is a huge plus for your budget.

3. Add greenery to your space

Adding more greenery to your property is a great way to go green. By doing this, you’ll help reduce ozone levels in your area and shade asphalt, which can be quite helpful when it comes to what is known as the urban heat island effect. Not only this, but adding more greenery to your space means you’ll reduce your bills. When there’s more greenery around your building, it will take less energy to cool it during the summer and heat it during the winter. You can go for something like Norway spruce or arborvitae, which have proven to be some of the most popular trees for commercial properties.

4. Go solar

No matter what kind of work your business does, you’re probably using a lot of energy for your operations. This means a large chunk of your budget goes into paying your bills. And if you decide to install solar panels, you won’t only save money, but you’ll also help the environment. If you start using solar panels, your business will collect energy from the sun allowing you to stop relying on electricity. You can also start using a solar battery that will store the energy your panels collect and reduce your company’s bills to $0.

5. Get reusable shopping bags

If you’re in retail, you’re going to need shopping bags. We recommend going for reusable shopping bags since this helps reduce the number of plastic bags that end up in landfills. If you decide to get reusable shopping bags, you can even think about putting your company’s logo and contact information on them and using them to raise brand awareness. Not to mention that people are more likely to turn to companies that show they care about the kind of impact they have on the environment.

No matter which of these five ways you decide to go, you’ll be guaranteed to save your business some money. And since every contribution counts, you should keep coming up with new ways your company can go green

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