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5 Tips for Making Your Company more Eco-Friendly

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A lot of businesses are trying to be more eco-friendly and conserve energy. This is both good PR and good business because it saves money and attracts customers and clients who are passionate about these subjects and are trying to find companies that share their values.

This approach will also cut down production costs and energy bills which are especially important for smaller businesses trying to get by. There’s no need to overhaul the entire business in order to make these changes, they can start small and be introduced gradually and still have a deep impact on the company.

1. Lights

Lights are such a mundane part of every office that it’s hard to think about them as an energy expense, but that’s what they are. By changing light bulbs you can save quite a lot of money on energy bills in the long run and you can do something for the environment in the process.

LED lights will provide the same experience for those using the offices as the traditional once and they need to be changed far less frequently. They also use much less electricity.

2. Going virtual

Using paper is an outdated way of doing business and you can organize a modern office without it. Some offices have tried to recycle paper or to use it only when it’s really necessary but this hasn’t helped in any significant way. Now, thanks to the changes in technology, you could have an office that’s fully functional without a single paper.

Keep in mind that this will mean you need to provide some additional training for your new employees, but this shouldn’t derail your company for too long, since almost all employees are already familiar with the technology.

3. The office itself

Before you can prepare the office for its green makeover, make sure that it doesn’t contain any harmful materials as old buildings often do. Professional asbestos removal from Brisbane can deal with the most dangerous of substances easily and allow you to use an older office building with no harm whatsoever.

You should also try to insulate the office in order to avoid wasting energy on heating. These bills are usually the toughest on small businesses and this is where you can save the most.


4. Car Pooling 

Carbon footprint should be your biggest concern when it comes to the environment. It’s a way each of your employees personally is contributing to global warming. The company should provide options that would keep the footprint in check whenever it’s possible. Driving is one of the easiest ways to do it.

Companies need to provide the employees with transportation options such as carpooling that would lower the carbon footprint, yet allow the employees to arrive to work on time and on a schedule that you have agreed on. Depending on where your employees live, company bikes are another valuable option.

5. Supporting green causes

In the end, your company could always support eco-friendly causes and organizations financially. This may not sound like the most glamorous way of helping but it’s pragmatic and it’s about more than just money. Having a company associated with their work will help these organizations get more exposure in the media as well.

The best way to go about this is to let the customers know that a percentage of each sale will help support the organization, but also provide them with the option of supporting the organization directly.

Making your business greener isn’t just good for the environment; it’s also a smart business and marketing call. Make sure to take small steps in this direction in order to transition your company in an efficient way.

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