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5 Things to Know About Easy Auto Ship

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Easy Auto Ship is a broker that connects consumers to reliable carriers. You will find open and enclosed transport options along with delivery at your door. The company also works to transport various equipment given enough lead time to plan out your shipment.

The Cost of Using Easy Auto Ship

The cost to ship with Easy Auto Ship is one of the cheap car shipping industry. According to its website, costs depend on the total mileage you expect to ship. Prices start at $1 per mile, up to 500 miles on average.

As you increase the mileage, the cost goes down to $0.75 per mile up to 1,000 miles. Going up to 2,000 miles brings down the price even more to $0.60 per mile. When you travel up to 2,500 miles, you’re looking at $0.50 per mile, and anything more than 2,500 miles is $0.40 per mile. These prices are all affected by various factors and can go up or down depending on your circumstances.

Factors That Affect Cost

While mileage has the most significant impact on the cost, other factors also affect the total expense. You also need to choose whether or not you want to go with an open or enclosed carrier. Open carriers cost about 40% less than an enclosed carrier.

Additional factors that can affect the cost include extra insurance protection. By purchasing extra coverage, you can raise the total amount to $250,000 in overall coverage for open carriers and up to $1 million for enclosed carriers. As a tip, you only need the extra coverage if your car is worth more than the included coverage.

If your car isn’t working, you’re also going to pay extra fees that go along with shipping an inoperable vehicle. Vehicles that aren’t working are more challenging to load and unload, so the cost naturally increases. When an inoperable car also does not have wheels that turn, then you’re looking at needing a forklift to move it, which costs even more.

Comparing Easy Auto Ship

As you shop around for car shipping companies, check out Easy Auto Ship reviews. You’ll notice that Easy Auto Ship is one of the most affordable car shipping companies in the business. It is better for short and mid-range transport options but can also do long-distance shipping.

Easy auto ship is the best car shipping company

Distances up to around 1,000 miles cost significantly less than competitors, so that’s where Easy Auto Ship shines. Even for enclosed shipping, its rates are less than competitors’. You can also use Easy Auto Ship for international transport, and prices are less for that type of shipping, too.

Easy Auto Ship Coverage Options

Insurance coverage adds up to $100,000 when you combine Easy Auto Ship’s coverage with the carrier’s insurance. It does not cover anything left inside the car, so it’s a good idea to make sure your vehicle is empty before shipping it. The amount of coverage that the broker handles is considerably more than most carriers making it a solid option for transporting your car.

Deductibles are also not required as part of its coverage if you need to file a claim. Filing a claim is also easy enough. You start by marking damages on the vehicle condition report upon delivery. You’ll get a copy of the Bill of Lading where both you and the driver agree that damage occurred. Easy Auto Ship will need pictures of the damage, so get photos before and after shipping. Lastly, contact Easy Auto Ship to request a Certificate of Insurance. From there, the company will let you know what else you need to do.

Quick and Reliable Delivery

Easy Auto Ship claims the fastest shipping in the industry, and it backs it up. If something goes wrong and you don’t receive your car within 14 days, it will provide you with a rental on them. Easy Auto Ship also doesn’t have a 24/7 call center, so you may have to wait to contact the company with questions during business hours.

The Bottom Line

Easy Auto Ship is one of the most affordable in the industry, even when you consider the factors that can affect your quote. Shop around for auto companies, and you’re still going to see that Easy Auto Ship beats most of them. With winning coverage and reliable delivery, Easy Auto Ship is an excellent option.

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