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5 SEO Tricks for eCommerce Product Pages

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E-Commerce business has grown by leaps and bounds, with more than 95% of the purchases projected to be made online by 2050. Isn’t it one of the reasons to make your e-commerce business more user-friendly?

Making the eCommerce business user-friendly means working on the business revenue model and the on-page SEO.

While owners generally work on the home page for improving the SEO, the product pages are mostly not paid more attention.

Guess what?

The product page is even more important than the home page.


It is from this product page, where the true purchase will take place.

In order to sell and generate revenue, having the product page well-curated, which helps it to rank higher, is the key.

In this article, we shall uncover 5 quick tricks to help your product page become SEO friendly.

  1. Make product descriptions realistic: You must have read everywhere about product titles and meta-tags. But product descriptions are also important. Make sure you describe the product with clarity and share a crystal-clear picture of your product. Facing it difficult to describe the product? How about you try a mix of content and video, to make your products speak for themselves? Try it out now, to have improved results!

Seo tips for ecommerce product pages

Another important thing to add in this section is product attribution or features. If you selling some physical products then you must need to add a box that provides the size, weight, color, product material or other important information about the product.

  1. Improve the payment gateway: Making your product page deliver more sales, will only be possible with the right payment gateway. Making a smooth payment gateway enhances the sales funnel. An improvement of 35% in revenue is possible if the checkout process is optimized.This is why you should look forward to improving the payment gateway system. But the question is how to improve it? One important trick is free delivery! If you are promising that your buyer need not pay for the delivery, the chance for checkout increases. Another tested method is the CoD payment option. With more than 70% of the users preferring CoD over other payment modes, it simply stands out!
  2. Make the navigation simpler: Navigating through your product should not be as tough as Columbus to navigate across the Atlantic. Keep it simple! The key point is that a clear and concise navigation pathway, with a wide variety of options available, improves the sales funnel. What makes the product page more interactive is the chatbot.
  3. Having an interactive chatbot: Imagine you are stuck between two products, and you would need an expert opinion. Would you not look for help, in the brick-and-mortar store? Then, why should you not bring in the same experience in the online store? An interactive AI-enabled chatbot always ensures that your buyer is not left alone. Providing the right suggestion, and helping them to make the right choice, is why a chatbot is a must.
  4. Product suggestions are always a booster: Would you not like to know what completes your purchase? Complementing products, as suggestions, seem to account for close to 50% of the sales. How does it help in driving up the ranking? Suppose you visit a shop to buy butter, but then you also need bread, what would you do? You would possibly look for a shop that houses both of them! This is how complementing products and product suggestions always help in driving up sales.


Trying out new things is the key to SEO. What is working out now, might not work 5 months down the road. This is why it is important that you tweak everything here and there on your product placement page, to catch up with the new SEO trends. As a business owner you might not get enough time to track all these new changes. So, you can handover this part to a reputed eCommerce SEO agency like Shout Digital. They are handling more than hundreds client all over the world and their team is always working to adapt the new changes.





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