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5 Reasons Why You Need A Wine Decanter

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Decanters are extremely popular in wine enthusiasts’ homes, but they’re also quite useful to have if you’re hosting guests and want to show off your finer wines. A lot of people don’t know much about wine decanters, though, and some even consider them an unnecessary luxury – which couldn’t be further from the truth! Here are five reasons why you need a wine decanter in your home. For more information, head on to lechateauwinedecanter.com.

1) To make all your wines taste better

Wine decanters are used to aerate wine and remove sediment from aging bottles. When you pour wine into one of these specialized vessels, it gives your wine more time to interact with air, which makes wines taste better. The presence of oxygen in your wine also reduces oxidation and keeps fruit notes from evaporating. In addition, many people find that red wines taste better when they’re allowed to breathe for a few minutes before serving. And finally, if you’re drinking older vintages or expensive bottles of wine that have been cellared for several years, then letting them breathe will allow them to reach their full potential.

2) To keep your wine fresh longer

The best wine decanters preserve your wine’s taste and flavor by allowing it to aerate, or breathe. Oxygen is key to prolonging your wine’s shelf life; without it, you risk exposing your bottle to harmful chemicals that can alter both color and aroma. To properly aerate, pour a small amount of wine from a newly opened bottle into your glass first.

To keep your wine fresh longer wine decanters

From there, transfer some of that liquid into your decanter. After about 10 minutes, pour yourself a full glass of wine from your decanter. Your favorite vintage will stay fresh for up to three days after opening if stored in an upright position at room temperature (68 degrees). If stored on its side, however, it will last just one day longer than if left unopened!

3) To preserve the flavours, aromas, and bouquet of your wine

Not all wine decanters are equal. Some do an OK job of gently decanting your wine, while others can strip out its delicate flavors. To be effective, your Le chateau wine decanter must contain what’s called a radial valve. This design feature gently agitates and aerates your wine, which releases trapped sediment from within it. It also allows air to flow through as you pour, releasing aromas that were previously trapped in your bottle. In addition to preserving flavour and aroma, a good wine decanter will also ensure that you don’t lose any of your wine as you pour.

4) To impress your friends and family

There are plenty of times when you want to impress someone, whether it’s your date or your boss. While wine decanters have certainly been gaining in popularity as of late, most people still don’t own one. Giving them a bottle of wine to open and then pouring it into your decanter shows both thoughtfulness and style, especially if you get them one from Le Chateau.

5) To show off your wine

Wine decanters allow you to show off your wine collection to friends and family. Whether it’s an aged Bordeaux or an expensive Malbec, your wine decanter will let everyone know you take good care of your wines. A fancy decanter is sure to impress!

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