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5 Reasons To Use Video Interviewing In Your Hiring Process

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The hiring process is one of the important parts of any company. It’s also one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive processes because recruiters must rely on several assessors or criteria. Besides, while in-person meetings have been around for decades, they’re not exactly practical for specific industries, such as tech, in a global and revolutionary world. So, recruiters today employ modern methods in the hiring process, and one of them is video interviewing.

Video interviewing is a great way to get to know potential employees. It allows you to see how they act, how they interact with others, and even how they dress. If someone’s not suitable for the job based on their video interview, you can find out before hiring them. This post details some reasons you need video interviewing in your hiring process.

What Is Video Interviewing?

Video interviewing, also known as video conferencing, is an online interview method that allows people to interact with each other in real-time. It’s commonly used for remote interviews for various reasons, including cost savings and convenience. It can take place over the phone or through a specific video conferencing platform.

Why You Need To Hire Via Video Interviewing

Why you need to hire via video interviewing hiring process

You need Video interviewing tool leverage some of its benefits for your company and the candidates. So, it would help if you didn’t sleep on them. If, by any chance, you’re unsure it’s needed in your hiring process, here are convincing reasons to go for it:

1. An Easy Way To Do More Interviews

Video interviewing is an easy way to do more interviews. You can interview more people in less time and with less stress. It lets you conduct interviews with people who live far away or who are otherwise unable to come into the office for an interview. It’s also an excellent way for employers to save money by hiring remotely instead of bringing people into their offices for face-to-face interviews. And with video interviewing software, such as Hireflix, you can quickly schedule appointments for multiple candidates.

2. Saves Time

Video interviewing saves time for the interviewer. It also saves time for the interviewee. Compared to in-person interviews, video interviews are less intimidating and more convenient, so candidates need less travel time (and gas money) to get there. Finally, it saves time for hiring managers and recruiters because they don’t have to find a venue or schedule an appointment slot with everyone involved in making decisions about who gets hired. The hope is that this efficiency leads companies like yours to make better hires faster than before.

3. Helps You Use All Available Tools

Video interviewing allows you to use all the tools available to find the perfect hire. In traditional interviews, you can assess candidates’ skills and qualifications by asking them questions, but other things are hard to see. Video interviewing lets you better understand who they are as people.

You can see their body language: Are they slouching? Looking bored? Nervous? You can also see their facial expressions: Do they look enthusiastic when they talk about their experience? Are they smiling at appropriate times in the conversation, or do they seem stiff and unsure of themselves during those moments instead? Seeing these things in person helps prevent an awkward situation later down the road when one of your team members has an issue with one of these factors after hiring someone based on an interview alone. They’re especially needed for interactive and people-centric positions such as customer care specialists.

4. Allows You To Compare Candidates Efficiently

Video interviews allow candidates to showcase their personalities and skills in a way more natural than an in-person meeting or phone call. Candidates don’t need to worry about having perfect hair or being appropriately dressed, so they can relax more during their performance and focus on showcasing their best side rather than worrying about making small talk or networking like they would at an office job interview.

For positions that require technical know-how, especially in the tech industry, applicants can demonstrate their skills in real-time. Thus, by seeing them in a more natural setting, you’ll be better able to evaluate their skill set against the requirements of your job posting without bias from attractiveness factors such as dress code or hair length (unless specifically mentioned).

5. Allows You To Interview People In Different Time Zones

As a hiring manager, you might work in one part of the country while your candidates live in another. Video interviewing is a great way to break down barriers of distance and time zone. It also allows you to successfully interview candidates with scheduling issues that prevent them from taking time off for an interview during regular business hours. If someone isn’t available during office hours due to their job’s schedule requirements, video conferencing provides an opportunity for both parties involved—whether they’re working outside of standard 9-5 hours or living in another state/country.


Video interviews are becoming more common, and with good reason: they provide a great way to see how candidates would fit into your company culture. They can save you time and money by avoiding in-person hiring trips and reducing the chances of hiring someone who doesn’t want the job. Plus, video interviewing is easy—you can set it up quickly using free tools and platform-based software and run them from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

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