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5 Reasons to Create a Medical Website With Drupal

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If you are a health care provider and you plan to create your medical website with drupal, we recommend using Drupal development services for this purpose.

We highlighted the top 5 reasons why this CMS wins against the rest:

1. Security

Drupal offers extremely reliable security features for organizations that work with data that require the highest level of security.

By using this CMS, you can be sure that patient data and other confidential information will remain inaccessible to unauthorized persons.

2. Artificial intelligence

Pharmacies, clinics and other medical institutions can actively use chatbots.

1. Firstly, it makes it possible to reduce the workload of medical personnel.

2. Second, chatbots are fairly versatile and can perform a number of functions: determine who needs immediate medical care, perform initial diagnostics of patients, serve customers and refer them to relevant specialists.

3. Flexibility

Drupal is extremely flexible, allowing administrators to customize this content management system according to their needs.

This CMS has many different modules and themes that are ideal for creating interactive websites with easy navigation and modern design.

Note the integration with third-party applications. For example, integration with the electronic health record system (EHR) serves several purposes:

1. Enables safe data exchange between the doctor and his patient;

2. Prevents content duplication;

3. Minimizes the risk of errors during the information collection, allowing for accurate and correct diagnosis.

Medical website with drupal

4. Scalability

Such websites can easily scale as your needs change. The platform also allows you to create multiple versions of the website for different users or regions, making it the best option for medical organizations working in different countries or regions.

By the way, agencies working in different countries should also like the fact that Drupal is multilanguage: it can translate your site into more than 94 languages. This will make your services accessible to everyone!

5. Accessibility

Your site will be designed to be accessible to all users, including people with disabilities.

Ready to order Drupal development services, but do not know who can be trusted with such work?

Contact the digital agency Drupfan: here you will be offered an individual solution adapted to all your needs.

Drupfan knows how to create a safe, flexible and accessible website that will provide high-quality health care!

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