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5 of the Best Free Online Business Courses for Entrepreneurs

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Perhaps you are planning to start your own business or expand your existing one. In such a case, it is quite natural to search for free online business courses for entrepreneurs. Whatever your plans, gaining more knowledge and information is crucial to surviving and achieving success in any domain.

This guide offers you the top 5 free online business courses to help you become a better and more successful entrepreneur. There are diverse topics that provide you with ample knowledge to get started with a new business. You are sure to benefit from them immensely. A good number of courses are available over the web, & you do not have to pay anything for them.

You can find them in a self-paced format, which means you can go through them at your own pace. Some are said to be periodically scheduled. Still, such courses allow you to register & avail of the course to go through on a self-paced basis.

5 Best Free Online Business Courses

1. Developing innovative ideas exclusively for new companies:

The initial step to moving towards becoming an entrepreneur is: This is among the top-rated entrepreneurship courses available on the web for free. It is also among the top 3 business courses that Coursera, the MOOC (Massive Open-Online Course) provider has on offer. This course is just perfect for young, budding entrepreneurs who have great ideas but lack business background & knowledge. It also introduces you to the different markets, industries & entrepreneurship. Going through this course is well worth your time, effort & energy spent.

Innovative ideas online business courses

2. Essentials of Entrepreneurship: Action and Thinking:

But before going ahead with launching your business, you need to ask yourself the question. “Do you have it in you to become an entrepreneur?” Irvine Continuing Education Dept. of the University of California has launched this course. Through this entrepreneur course, you can get introduced to the entrepreneurial process & basics of entrepreneurship. Moreover, you can gain valuable knowledge to recognize the opportunities that come your way. The course contents have been created for those having no or very little knowledge about entrepreneurship. It also allows you to use resources & tools to evaluate your readiness to launch your new business.

3. Creative Entrepreneurship – Out of the box thinking:

Innovation & creativity are considered to be two sides of a coin. Currently, these two are in great demand, especially for entrepreneurs. With the fast-changing business landscape, there have been emerging new technologies & ideas. Creative thinking is what helps to create winners in all domains. Going through the six-week course can help you to develop creative habits and apply them to any entrepreneurial project.

4. DQ101 – Taking quality decisions:

A successful businessman can be termed to be one who has the capability to make good & quick decisions. This also shows the traits of a good leader, who is respected by everyone around him/her. DQ (Decision Quality) is considered to be a practical tool. Using this tool, entrepreneurs are in a better position to make better business & life-related decisions. Whether you are a seasoned businessman or a newcomer to the industry, this course is sure to benefit you. It also allows you to enhance your overall decision-making process.

5. Developing a startup:

It is always a wise idea to follow in the footsteps of a successful entrepreneur & learn more about entrepreneurship. Steve Blank, the brilliant mind behind numerous Silicon Valley startups has come up with this course. He teaches across the globe & has also authored two books providing knowledge on entrepreneurship. The course trains you on the Customer Development Process. You can learn to create & test your newly acquired skills & ideas by using data acquired from real customers.

If you are a new entrepreneur, then you can benefit from the above courses for success.

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