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5 Myths About Ranking on the First Page of Google Debunked

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Ever wonder how businesses seem to rank so easily on the first page of Google? Debunk these common SEO myths in this guide.

If your business isn’t somewhere on the first page of Google, you may as well not have a site at all. According to one study, results on the second page of Google have a click-through rate of under 1% for each position—meaning most searchers won’t even know that your second-page site exists!

Climbing to the top of the Google ranks is easier said than done, of course, and it takes a fair amount of trial and error. Worse, Google’s algorithm is so mysterious that there’s plenty of misinformation about it online. If you’re still working to reach the top, here are a few common myths you should keep in mind.

1. SEO Takes Forever

It’s true that SEO isn’t as instant as tactics like online advertising. Results take time, especially if your brand exists in a competitive industry.

Seo google debunked

However, the work you put into your SEO can begin to show results in as little as a month or two, though experts often say that the average is between three to six months.

2. Longer Content Means Higher Google Rankings

There’s no denying the research: pages with a higher word count can sometimes make ranking first easier on Google.

However, this isn’t a clear-cut rule. More important than the length is the relevance and usefulness of the content. Before you focus on the word count, focus on quality.

3. You Need to Publish Fresh Content Every Day

Google loves fresh content, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that ranks.

When a searcher inputs a query on Google, the search engine decides whether or not the searcher is looking for fresh content. In other words, it’s more likely to answer a search for a recipe, a historical figure, or a craft tutorial with quality evergreen content rather than the latest “fresh” upload.

4. You’ll Never Rank Above Well-Known Sites

It’s true that larger brands tend to rank better in the search engine results. With bigger budgets to invest in SEO, and often with more authoritative sites, these brands can feel hard to beat.

However, that’s not to say that smaller brands can’t enhance their Google rankings with the right strategies. By highlighting local products and services and focusing on long-tail keywords, smaller brands can often outrank established ones. Resources like The HOTH Learning Hub make it easy to decide which keywords you’re more likely to rank for.

5. Once You Reach the First Page of Google, You’re Done

SEO isn’t a “set it and forget it” situation. Though you should pat yourself on the back for reaching the top of the search engine results pages, don’t forget that you can fall back down the rankings if you aren’t diligent!

Remember These Myths to Climb the Google Rankings

If you’re hoping to reach the first page of Google, you’ll want to avoid falling for the common myths above. Though search engine optimization takes trial and error, only constant effort can help you climb the rankings little by little.

As you work to enhance your site and increase your visibility online, don’t forget to check out our other marketing, business, and tech guides!

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