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5 Maintenance Hacks for Your Farm’s Hydraulic Systems

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Gone are the days when farms across Australia used to rely solely on farm animals to help them plow, plant, and harvest the land aside from the good work of the farmers. These days, almost all farms in the country have one or several pieces of equipment that are often forged and customized such as containers, cylinders, and more, or for general use such as tractors, harvesters, and other heavy machinery that use hydraulic systems for efficiency.

Just like other equipment with moving parts that eventually wear out and get damaged, the hydraulics of these farm machines must be periodically and properly maintained to keep them running smoothly. It’s a process you have most likely heard of many times: preventive maintenance. This way, your farm equipment could contribute greatly to the farm’s smooth day-to-day operations to keep the money flowing like honey.

For one, hoses should be kept in good condition by replacing their damaged or old components, like stainless steel jubilee hose clips with high-quality parts. Fortunately for farm owners, there are reliable companies that specialize in providing top-notch spare parts for practically every hydraulic system part and accessory, so maintenance is relatively easy.

Hydraulic systems

Here are four ways to ensure that your farm equipment’s hydraulic system will keep running like brand new:

Mind their liquids

Either by topping up or changing the old oil, keeping your farm equipment’s hydraulics properly lubed is critical in maintaining their flawless performance. You should, therefore, check their fluids regularly (including the engine oil, hydraulic fluid, and coolant) to see if they must be topped up or if an oil change is already necessary.

This is a basic and essential maintenance job that you should never ignore if you don’t want those expensive hydraulic systems to bog down just when you most need your equipment to work for you.

Invest in an oil analysis kit

Oil analysis kits are inexpensive and can help you determine potential problems with your farm equipment’s hydraulic system. The kit can also analyze the hydraulic fluid’s overall quality and help you see if you already need to top up or do an oil change at once. This way, you won’t have to bust your brain or do guesswork just to know if your hydraulic fluid is still in A-1 condition or if something is already wrong with it.

Winterize your farm equipment’s hydraulics

Winter comes and goes but it doesn’t mean that you’ll slack off during such an idle time and just let your farm equipment improperly prepared for it.

As such, you have to make sure that your farm equipment, particularly its hydraulics, is properly prepared or winterized to avoid costly damages and repairs. Winterizing your farm equipment would involve topping up or changing their liquids, doing a used oil analysis, and greasing the mechanical parts. It’s a pretty laborious venture but one that your precious farm equipment would thank you for (if they could do so, that is).

Repair or replace parts


When it comes to maintaining your equipment’s hydraulic system, a proactive approach is paramount, whether it entails replacing worn-out hoses or addressing reservoir repairs. Hydraulic hose systems assume a vital role in the system’s overall performance, and conducting regular inspections and promptly replacing deteriorated hoses are fundamental for ensuring optimal functionality and mitigating potential system failures. By adopting a proactive stance in the maintenance of hydraulic hoses, you can significantly enhance the longevity and reliability of your equipment’s hydraulic system.

Keep in mind that problems with hydraulic systems aren’t just a potential cause for bodily injuries; they could also lead to costly repairs. So, save yourself from the trouble by doing preventive maintenance periodically. Just follow these simple tips and your farm equipment will surely operate without a hiccup.

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