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5 Essential Skills Every Student Needs

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The world is moving at a faster pace than light. Fundamental & essential skills are always a must. Developing soft skills through graduation helps you enter the workforce. It is recognized by the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools.

5 Essential skills every student needs

1. Time Management Skills

The best time managers are not born with calendars, planners, and alarm clocks. People who stay organized, by and large, possess time management skills. It is not about working every single minute or hour. It is about managing the activities within a day. Scheduling classes, appointments, and activities helps students achieve academic goals and enjoy the social aspects of college life. It is one of the 5 essential skills every student needs.

  • Listing the activities and determining the deadlines is enough to manage time.
  • Following the listing helps in completing it on time.

Set a timer and focus on the assignment. Within the time frame, avoid using a cell phone, put off social media, and minimize distractions.

2. Study Skills

Study skills essential skills

Knowing what works right for you helps promote study skills.  Play to your strengths. A studying style or pattern may be more useful to some students than another student in the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools. Create simple illustrations, take notes, break down complex ideas, and focus on learning strengths.

3. Research Skills

Escaping many things in life is possible. However, writing college papers, whether it is a major subject or not, is inevitable. Developing stellar research skills is a must to write an A+ paper. Today finding sources is easy. Gather relevant sources; try to skim for important charts, details, numbers, etc. Summarize the findings, use voice recording, and save the references in a database. Thus, saving time.

4. Social/Networking Skills

Social life is a must in every college student’s life. Even an introvert requires interaction once in a while. Being social comes naturally, and it is a learnable skill. It has an immense impact on life. Networking and social skills are not about repeating some striking phrases or listening to everything. It is to converse about various things that people should see you as a trusted friend.

5. Communication Skills

Communication skills are vital. It is one of the 5 Essential Skills Every Student Needs and a must for any student to develop the skills. People start attending job interviews, yet talking casually in social situations is helpful. Effective communication does not happen on its own. There is a need to communicate in their lives. It is impossible to lead a life without talking, and if you are not adept, there is no harm in learning and trying to communicate. Initially, there may be problems, but later on, it does not hurt.

A few tips to help with communication:

  • Communication skills are a talent. You must be cautious about your body language. Attending interviews requires you to sit straight, not with droopy shoulders.
  • It is a must to be cautious about the body language of other people. It helps avoid awkward situations. If you realize the person you are talking to is keeping their hands folded across your chest, it means it is cold communication. If they are constantly looking at their feet facing the exit direction, it indicates the end of the conversation. It is to understand, move on, and end the conversation.
  • Tell a story. It is a beautiful way of engaging in a conversation. There are great stories, and telling them mostly works. You can ask questions relating to the situation. It shows you are attentive. Always put away distractions and pay full attention.
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