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5 Common Misconceptions About Hiring a Lawyer

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There are some common myths and misconceptions about hiring a lawyer. If you’re thinking of getting an attorney, be sure to read this article.

When you’re dealing with anything from estate planning to family issues, do you know how to resolve a legal conflict? A sticky situation where you have to navigate legal language makes hiring an attorney a must. But don’t let the myths about lawyers get in the way — or else you might make the wrong move.

Read on to learn the 5 common misconceptions about hiring a lawyer!

1. Lawyers Aren’t Necessary

While you may like the idea of representing yourself against an insurance company or other entity, are you equipped to do it? There’s a reason lawyers spend three years in law school and pass the bar exam to gain licensure.

Lawyers have the legal expertise to offer comprehensive representation and negotiation. One of the most important things to know about hiring a lawyer is that it’s not a sign of weakness! This is especially important for veterans looking for legal advice. For example, via this website here you can see an example of the issues veteran attorneys deal with regularly. It’s important to know the benefits you’re entitled to as a veteran.

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2. Asking for More Money Is Immoral

If you’re not a confrontational person, the prospect of hiring an attorney to seek money may feel wrong. Don’t let it.

There’s nothing unethical about pursuing money that you deserve. If you’ve been shorted services by a contractor or suffered a medical malpractice issue, hire a lawyer to help you get compensation.

3. Hiring a Lawyer Is Too Expensive

When hiring an attorney, be sure to ask about their pay structure. Lawyer fees typically will include a retainer fee, for instance. This is money you pay upfront to secure their services. If you’re looking for a workers compensation or social security disability attorney, you will likely won’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

From there, the lawyer may charge an hourly rate that could be anywhere from $75 to four figures. As they move forward on your case, they’ll subtract the hourly fees from the retainer amount. When in doubt, explain your circumstances to a lawyer and they’ll work with you to develop an affordable fee structure.

4. The Legal Process Will Be Very Long

While a lawyer cannot guarantee a timetable or outcome, they can work efficiently. Lawyers tend to specialize in certain areas, too. This intimate knowledge helps expedite the process for clients.

For instance, some attorneys will work on divorce cases while others will handle lawsuits in higher education. Others will handle motor vehicle accidents and personal injuries. Seek out an attorney in your problem area!

5. Lawyers Don’t Tell the Truth

Finally, it’s a common myth that lawyers are liars who will do anything to win a case. Further, some myths even suggest that lawyers have backroom alliances with city officials or police officers. For the vast majority of lawyers, this is not the case.

Lawyers are officers of the court. So are judges, clerks, bailiffs, and others working in the court system. They’ve all sworn an oath to uphold the law and seek justice for those present.

Disregard Misconceptions About Hiring a Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer doesn’t need to be an expensive hassle. And there’s no shame in seeking more money when you deserve it. Hire a lawyer to gain access to a legal mind that will help negotiate a swift and fair outcome.

Find more tips to improve your life. Check back for fresh and informative articles soon!

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