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5 Brilliant Ways to Get Client Testimonials that Build Your Brand

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For the success of any online business, irrespective of the industry it belongs to or the geographical location it serves, satisfactory clients are an absolute must. Testimonial pages should be incorporated into every site. It should be created by incorporating compelling quotes provided by current customers. Such pages will only make your services or products to appear interesting and unique to those looking for similar products. It will increase your traffic, volume of sales and revenue.

Significance of Client Testimonials

Great testimonials clearly convey the message of how reliable your brand of products or services is! It also proves the legitimacy of your business and about its functionality. The fact is that testimonials are powerful and hence, valued by businesses and potential clients alike. 92% shoppers seem to be influenced by online reviews that assure them to go ahead with their purchase with a particular site or product. It also encourages conversion rates while assuring people to trust in your brand. Hence, you may request your current customers to post new reviews on your business or simply feature existing reviews.

5 ways to get testimonials

1. LinkedIn recommendations:

LinkedIn can be a wonderful platform for freelancers or those eager to create testimonial section for ‘work with me’ page. It can provide glowing reviews and strong recommendations. Simply request people to provide recommendations or use existing ones. The latter can be either snippets or in whole. Recommendations however are available for individuals only and not for company profiles. You may encourage your staffs to use LinkedIn platform. They can receive recommendations individually from customers with whom they interact with. It will boost Brand reputation.

2. Facebook reviews:

Identify those platforms that your target audience generally uses. Facebook is one such social platform where you can create a page for your local business. You may get detailed reviews here quickly from your customers. It is indeed an ideal way for highlighting the best things about your business. You can even request your customers to include a comment.

Facebook reviews client testimonials

3. Local Search Directories:

They are important for local businesses. Some sites like Merchant Circle, Yelp, Yahoo Local Business and Google Business Profiles allow their network members to post reviews on local businesses. These great reviews posted on such sites can be shared on the official testimonials page. It will do a lot of good for your brand. These days, people rely upon Google’s ratings to determine the merchants to shop with. Hence, getting a good number of reviews is sure to push your online business up in Google search rankings.

4. YouTube Video reviews:

You may want to know which is greater when compared to text-based reviews. It is indeed videos where customers discuss about how service or products that they have availed from a company has helped them. Such videos reviews are quite convincing and sure to pull huge traffic to your site. It also improves Brand reputation You can encourage your clients and fans to upload their videos on their YouTube account. They should tell stories of how your brand of products or services has helped them achieve success in their endeavors.

5. Niche review sites:

Identify niche review sites that are frequently visited by your target audience. The site should be related to your industry. Try to get reviews in such sites. Some popular sites like Yelp, Yahoo, Google, etc. accommodate all types of local businesses. For instance, hotels can try to get great reviews on travel related sites like TripAdvisor, Travelocity and Expedia.

You may choose any or all of the above strategies to get valuable Client Testimonials.

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