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5 Best Online Editing Tools

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When it comes to completing your Ph.D. program, thesis editing is as important as writing. Editing gives you the opportunity to go through your work and make corrections. The truth is that even the most seasoned writers make mistakes while writing and the editing phase gives them the opportunity to correct these mistakes. While proofreading your thesis yourself can be a good way to spot errors, technology has made the content editing process easier. There are many online tools that can help you edit your thesis like a professional.

Top 5 Online Editing Tool For Writers

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular editing tools for writers around the globe. It is an advanced tool that allows thesis writers to spot errors that may be difficult to see with their naked eyes. Apart from identifying spelling, spacing, and punctuation errors, the app also improves the quality of your work by suggesting changes that would make it flow better. It also identifies passive voice, unclear antecedents, vagueness, worldliness, and so many others. If you want more help than the AI assistant can provide, you can request for additional help from a human assistant. Grammarly comes in two versions: the free version, the premium version. There is also a Grammarly keyboard for mobile devices.


2. Wattpad

If you’re a writer who prefers working with others, Wattpad may be the perfect tool for you. It allows you to connect with other writers. You can share your work with them and use their feedback to improve your content. You can also contribute to the community by offering feedback to others. You need to be open to criticisms and not just commendation as you’ll be getting a lot of both with Wattpad.

3. Cliche Finder

This online writing tool is perfect for keeping your expressions original. It spots common expressions and changes them to something more original. While using a cliché isn’t a bad thing, using too many in one piece makes your work stale. The cliché finder is easy to use. All you have to do is paste your content on the text field and submit it for scanning. The app will subsequently highlight the result so you can replace them with more original content. It is one of the most specialized editing apps for content creators.

4. Ginger

Grammar editing

Ginger is another amazing writing editing app that is just like Grammarly. You can either download the Ginger app on your computer or integrate into your browser. When Ginger is integrated into your browser, it checks for grammatical errors anytime you type and not just when you are writing in a document file. So, when you’re writing a post on social media, the Ginger app notifies you of the errors on the post and suggests changes. It has a free and premium version and it also has a keyboard for mobile devices.

5. Hemingway Editor

Writing a thesis doesn’t require complexity. You need to make sure your content is readable. Everyone should be able to read and understand what you’ve written without looking twice. Hemingway Editor ensures that your thesis is written in simple and clear language that everyone will understand. It identifies complex sentences and sentences that are too long. It tests your thesis for readability detecting passive voice, counting adverbs and letting you know when your sentences need to change.

These are some of the best online editing tools for thesis writers. You don’t need to use all of them for one content. You can pick one out and use it anytime you need to edit your content.

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