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5 Best Leadership Assessment Tools You Need To Try   

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Leadership assessment devices are a way of distinguishing the leadership capacities in varying spaces. It depicts the qualities or skills that make them stand apart from the crowd. Leadership assessment tools help sort out individuals in finding a specific job as per the job requisites.

5 Leadership Assessment tools

5 leadership assessment tools leadership assessment devices

1. Disc

Delving into leadership assessment test implies you know about DISC. The name DISC represents four profiles/traits such as:

  • Dominance – active and task-oriented
  • Influence- active and people-oriented
  • Steadiness-reserved and people-oented
  • Conscientiousness- active and task-oriented.

DISC is a simple tool to assess leadership. This tool account in a man noticeable behavior and the results are predicted beforehand. It comes in varying versions and it allows differentiating behavior a person at home and at work. The results of this test lets you know if a person has leadership skills or not.

2. Saville Asessment

The Saville assessment test is ideal to test personal skills and aptitude of an individual. The personality assessment test brings out the details of persons shortcomings and strengths, besides personal and behavioral preferences. The aptitude test assesses numerical, linguistic, spatial, error correction, and mechanical skills. This test results ensure if a person has leadership skills. The results in the final describe the abilities of a person and the areas to improve or give more attention to.

3. MindTools Leadership Skills Assessment

The MindTools Leadership Skills Assessment is based on 18 questions on a questionnaire. The questions are a way of assessing leadership skills. The questions relate to different instances and actions encountering in professional life. The results rely on three character traits:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Personal attitude and outlook
  • Self-confidence

Here the leadership style involves taking a detailed test  and explains leadership trait by following an article.

4. (MBTI) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

MBTI is one of the leadership assessment tools that are over 50 years in this field. MBTI, in comparison to the DISC is a bit complex. However, the test results are effective giving insights in detail into the capabilities and traits of a person. MTBI identifies 16 personalities using the combination of four-letters:

  • Introverted (I) vs Extroverted (E)
  • Feeing (F) vs Thinking (T)
  • Perceiving(P) vs Judging (J)
  • Intuition (N) vs Sensing (S)

In this assessment tool, people using this should know about these combinations. The results stay effective only when there is thorough understanding of the above-said categories. It is right to get this test done by an expert consultant, therapist, or a counselor. They are professionals and know to deliver accurate results of the test. They also provide feedback. It offers insight to begin with.

5. Leadership Blind Spots

No one is the best judge of their own character. There are always blind spots in each of us and these are dangerous as they are not visible. It is fearful as we do things and proceed in ignorance. The leadership blind spots are a leadership assessment test that helps in identifying the blind spots in your team, yourself, the markets to work with and your company.

This assessment test, leadership blind spots features in each category 10 questions and there is a rating of one and five. It is to go from lowest to highest. People with overall low score means they are less likely to have in that area a blind spot. Of course, there is a need to answer honestly. This test is appropriate for people who are in the leadership role for five and more years.

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