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4 types of working styles: What is your work style?

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You cannot expect everyone to work at the same speed, think alike, or undertake similar tasks with ease. The reason is that different people tend to have different types of working styles. Compelling them to complete the task by rushing them will only make them come up with poor results. Hence, to derive more from the team, you need to first understand your employees’ strengths & weaknesses. You also should find out what suits their profile, skills acquired & knowledge, and accordingly assign them with tasks. This does not mean that one person is smart & the other one less intelligent. It is just everyone’s individual working style. Instead of haggling over the issue, it will be beneficial to know more about your work style. This way, you will be able to appreciate your unique working style. Also, you will understand the other team members’ working styles & have realistic expectations from them.

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4 working styles

According to industry experts, there are four working styles like Leading, Doing, Learning & Loving. The best team can be stated to be one that has a perfect balance of the above four styles. Also, the best organization will boast of having several well-balanced teams. They will be confident in their approach to work & also understand its diverse needs. Hence, to know what is your work style, you need to go through the below-given work styles.

leadership working styles

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  • Leading: People in this group are considered as born leaders. They create visions & make others believe & follow them. You will be inspired to listen to what the leader has to say, admire & follow him/her. Without this group, there can be no real vision or motivation to complete the assigned tasks. However, leaders may be seen to be detached from the others. They may not completely understand everyone necessary to execute their vision & to achieve sure success. Since they are in the front & leading the team, at times, they fail to check-in with their followers.
  • Doing: This group is said to execute the assigned tasks. On successful completion of the task, tackling projects & checking lists, they get alive. They are more detailed with their efforts & have an intense focus. However, at times, they get so focused such that they could forget to communicate properly what they are doing. This group is often noticed to start work without giving much forethought. They are also of the strong belief that every individual should ‘Shoot, Fire & Aim’. This shows that they devalue the importance of planning.
  • Learning: They are researchers and are engineer types who love learning as well as understand meticulously problems & solve them. They are disciplined, deliberate & have more strategic thinking. But this group is nothing without others as they required a team to act on their best-laid plans.
  • Loving: This group is considered to be relationship-builders and has a strong belief of being together. They love to work hard and thrive in harmony to develop consensus & to manage relationships. Such people are also empathic & sensitive. They can easily understand other team member’s requirements & feelings. However, this group does not like detailed-oriented & follow-through work. They can make others feel great, however, might not offer much ‘tangible’ work.

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Understanding the above working styles activity clearly shows that not everyone has been created alike. At the workplace, it is important to have people belonging to different work styles to perform different types of tasks. Several people will be required to accomplish different goals & objectives. Every person is known to have unique strength & they get super-charged as they are in sync with others’ strengths.

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