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4 Things You Need to Start Your New Podcast

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You’ve finally decided to start your podcast! Once you have decided on the topic, whether it will be a solo show or whether you will have guests, and how you plan on getting the word out there, you need to think about what equipment you are going to use. Creating a podcast is not just about the type of microphone you have, it’s about editing and offering something unique to listeners.

Here are four items you will want to have when starting your new podcast.

1. A way to organize

You’re likely going to want to schedule your topics and content in advance so when you go to record, you know what you want to share with viewers. There are a number of ways you can do this, either by using a simple spreadsheet or by using a project management application like Trello or Clickup. The more you can plan in advance, the higher quality your podcast episodes will be and the more likely they will cover the topics that your audience is likely to care about it.

2. Quality recording equipment

Quality recording equipment

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment in order to record your podcast, but you might want to invest in a nice microphone and headset so you can increase the quality of your audio. While some of this equipment can be a bit pricey, you can get a similar result from lower-cost items. As long as you aren’t simply using your laptop microphone and you have some sort of way to listen to your audio, you are going to up the production quality of your podcast a lot.

3. A way to book guests

If you have decided to book guests on your show, then you will need to have a way for them to know what time they need to be on, add the event to their calendars, and more. There are a number of applications you can use that make this easy, or you can choose to run it through your own spreadsheet or Google calendar. You will want to make sure to provide some information beforehand so your guests know what equipment they need, which podcast questions to expect, and more. The more organized you can be when booking guests, the more likely they will walk away with a positive opinion about you.

4. Editing software

As a podcaster, you should also make sure to have some of the best podcasting software so you can make your show sound professional. With the right editing software, you can add intros and outros, messages from listeners, and more. The best part is that you don’t necessarily need the most expensive software. Many times, you can find one that comes with your computer already installed.

In summary

Once you have these tools in order to make your podcast stand out, you’re likely to have an easier time recording your show as well as getting the word out there and booking your guests. These items can go a long way toward getting those listeners you want.

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