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4 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing an App for Multiple Users

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Creating an app where it will be used by a number of different people can be a challenge, and it can also require you to think about how you are are planning on keeping it secure. Instead of designing an application where you will only have one dedicated user, you want to make sure that you design a dashboard that makes sense.

Here are some things to think about when you are designing an app that will require a number of users.

1. Types of users

You’re going to want to get to know your users to the best of your ability, which means that you might need to do research on several types of individuals. You might have one type of person who is using your app for one purpose, while you might have an entirely different type of user is looking for something else. This is why you are going to want to take the time to interview each type of person that you are going to have on the app.

2. Branding

With a few different types of users, you’re likely going to have to have different branding that you want to create, as well. This means that you might want each user to have a unique experience with your app, and that can require extra planning. For example, if you want to offer a platform for both bosses and employees, you might want them each to appear differently and offer different functions than having them both look exactly the same. This is where having a good design team can come in handy since they can cater elements to each user.

3. Development

Development designing an app

Developing an app where there might be a number of types of users on the platform at one time can be a challenge, and it can often involve some more complex code like JavaScript or Next.js authentication. This is especially true when it comes to security and making sure that your app includes multi-factor authentication, social sign-ins, and more. Designers should be in touch with the development team early on to see if it is possible to create what they have envisioned for the product.

4. Marketing

After you have taken some time to develop an application that you feel proud of, you’re going to need to think about how you are going to market it to a number of different users. This means not only finding out what they will use your app for, but also how you can present it in the best light to multiple groups of people. Making sure your application is high quality is only part of the process of getting it out there and in the hands of those who will be your best customers.

In summary

Creating an app with a number of types of users in mind isn’t always easy, and it can present some challenges as both a designer and a developer. However, with these tips in mind, you can create an app that works for as many users as you imagine using it.

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