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3 Ways to Get Your Site Noticed by Google

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Getting on the good side of the Google algorithm can seem like a game of darts. You try various tactics to figure out what sticks. You adjust when something isn’t working or you need to pivot to a new tactic altogether. Celebrate when you hit the bullseye, but that moment of celebration is short-lived when another opponent also hits the target.

Google — one of the most widely used search engines — should be one of your closest allies when building or maintaining your company website. It is a powerful tool, searching and sorting through billions of queries within a matter of seconds. As a business owner, think of Google as the internet’s pathway to finding new users. Without it, you’ll have to work hard for users to even know about your site, let alone visit it.

That said, the Google algorithm is a bit of a mystery. There are updates to the algorithm each year. With these changes come plenty of hypotheses and speculations on how to help sites get farther up on the results pages. Still, there are a few sure ways to help your site and Google become besties. Keep reading to learn three ways to get your site noticed by Google.

1. Know Your Google Key Keywords

No matter if your site is selling napkins or NFTs, you need to determine your keywords. With a quick search, a consumer can find your site by stringing together a few related words. These words are known as keywords, and they’re how users can find your site blindly. These keywords should be used to help build your SEO strategy and guide overall content creation.

Know your key keywords google

As a business owner or marketer, you will find that keyword research is invaluable. Through this activity, you will discover what keywords Google is prioritizing that are related to your field. You can also determine what some of your competitors are ranking for. This will help you steal a march on the competition by creating content that aligns with those specific keywords.

It’s also important to mention that not every keyword is worth your effort. You can figure out what to spend time on through a concept called keyword difficulty. This is the metric used to see how hard it is to rank for particular keywords.

You don’t want to rank for every high keyword because not all of them will be relevant to your site’s intention. Besides, you’ll have lots of competition! At the same time, some keywords are so low-ranking that spending time to rank for them won’t necessarily boost your Google position. The best approach is to pick your battles strategically.

2. Create More Pages Google Get Notice

Setting up your website like a book with multiple chapters can help get your site noticed by Google. The more pages you create, the more opportunity you have to rank on the keywords you just researched. It’s also a way to diversify your keyword reach by creating content for different needs and queries. This, in turn, can help boost your rankings.

A company blog is likely one of the easiest ways to create more pages. Creating blog content along with your direct-to-consumer site can help boost your rankings. For example, if you sell luggage, creating blog pieces related to travel — such as preparing for travel and budgeting for it — can be worthwhile. With this content, you can be strategic about the types of keywords you rank for.

While having more pages increases your probability of high rankings, it’s still best to think of quality over quantity. Spending resources creating unrelated content won’t help you in Google’s eyes. It can also be confusing to users who end up on your site. Maximize your marketing and content teams’ efforts by ensuring new content is good for SEO value and user value.

3. Form Partnerships

This may seem to pose a chicken-and-egg dilemma, but another key way to have your site noticed by Google is to gain site traction. Google needs to see that your site is reliable, worthy, and a valuable destination for users to land upon. If your site is new, this can be an intimidating feat. Getting site traction takes time, but through partnerships, you can help accelerate this process.

Forming partnerships with others in the industry such as bloggers and influencers can be a win-win for both sides. You can start the conversation by inviting the potential partner to do a guest post on your site. Set this up as a separate web page so they can easily share it with their following. In return, you can offer them a product discount code for their followers or even hold a social media giveaway.

If they are unwilling to do a separate post, ask whether you can be included in a future roundup or listicle article. This can link back to your site, thereby creating more traction for your site. Again, offer something valuable in return such as a product discount. This helps create a symbiotic partnership and may end up yielding future collaborations together or even collaborations with other bloggers.

Bottom Line

Achieving visibility on Google entails a mixture of strategic efforts that yield enormous benefits. Garnering interest from Google requires determination and persistence, but the rewards are useful. The higher your website ranks on a Google search results page, the more visibility and accessibility to ability customers.

By crafting a well-thought-out keyword method, expanding the number of pages on your website, and cultivating robust partnerships with influential entities, you can decorate your chances of scaling the rankings on Google. These movements now not handiest enhance your website’s search engine optimization but additionally increase its reach and effect, making sure that your content resonates with a broader target audience and drives meaningful engagement.

It’s important to keep in mind that while Google may additionally currently be favoring your website, this favorability may want to be exchanged in the future. Therefore, it is critical to usually be proactive and vigilant together with your keyword approach to ensure constant visibility and ranking on the search engine. Stay knowledgeable and adapt to Google’s evolving algorithms to maintain your online presence effectively.

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