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3 Accessories to Order with Your Onity Hotel Key Card

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Keeping your hotel safe and secure is essential to the future of your business. There’s no better way to ensure the safety and security of your guests than with an Onity hotel key card. Unlike physical keys, the Onity hotel key card cannot be duplicated. It also allows you to restrict access with the simple push of a button. Using the Onity hotel key card is the most efficient way to streamline your business and improve your guests’ experience.

The Onity hotel key card is not the only accessory you’ll need to update and improve your business. Key card holders, wristbands, and key fobs are designed to work in tandem with the Onity hotel key cards. Here’s why you should consider all three.

Key Card Holders Secure the Onity Hotel Key Card

Key card holders protect the key cards. When you hand the Onity hotel key card to a guest neatly tucked away in a simple key card holder, your business seems more professional, and the guest is reassured that you care. This is a great opportunity to connect with the guest and promote other hotel amenities. Key card holders or badge holders, protect the key cards from being deprogrammed, and they help keep the Onity hotel key card in pristine condition for multiple uses.

Key card holders secure the onity hotel key card hotel amenities

Hotel Key Fobs for Amenities

Hotel key fobs are a must for streamlining and securing your business. They are ideal for guests’ access to amenities like the pool area, exercise room, and parking. Key fobs are programmable and durable enough to stand up to multiple uses. Not only are they lightweight and easy for guests to carry, but they are also suitable for multiple applications. Hotel key fobs come in different shapes and sizes for versatility and easy identification.

Convenient Money-Saving Wristbands

Wristbands are an absolute must for any hotel because they save thousands of dollars worth of forgotten keys. When a guest is handed an Onity hotel key card and key fobs for other amenities, it helps if they are secured to a wristband. Not only is this more convenient for the guests, but it helps ensure that hotel key fobs are returned along with the Onity hotel key card at the end of the stay. Your business will be organized and professional while providing a high-quality guest experience, increasing the chances of a return visit.

Improving the Guest Experience

The right accessories will not only organize and streamline your business but it will improve the guest experience as well. Using key card holders in tandem with the Onity hotel key card improves security and simplifies the check-in process for your guests. Utilizing hotel key fobs for amenities and secure areas will save money and make your guests feel more exclusive. The wristbands make everything more convenient and help ensure items are returned at the end of the stay. The Onity hotel key card, key card holders, key fobs, and wristbands are the best way to organize and update your business while saving money and improving the guest experience.

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