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20 Best Sports Tech Startups to Watch in 2022

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Sports technology has plenty to offer everybody, from games to entertain football fans to technologies that can change your life and improve performance.

Below, we will provide a list of the 20 sports-tech firms. So, you can establish a tech startup in 2022. Keep reading to learn more.

1. BuddyUp

Buddyup sports technology

BuddyUp, a workout matchmaking software that debuted in 2020, connects runners with their ideal jogging partners based on geographic location, running style, and gender.

2. Application for Basketball Skills Development

By just activating the camera, a sports phone app using computer vision and machine learning technologies enables you to develop your basketball skills.


Myomaster sports technology

MyoMaster creates and develops top-notch recovery technology because it is dedicated to helping athletes get better. Its goal is to protect athletes from harm and improve performance.

4. VEO

Veo sports technology

A platform for monitoring, reviewing, and documenting sporting events is called VEO. The website allows users to acquire the smallest AI supercomputer and portable cameras with a built-in 4G modem, the VEO Cam 2.


Innovations by orb sports technology

Orb Innovations offers cutting-edge access to productivity and well-being data to empower its users to lead healthier, fulfilled lives.

6. Playermaker

Playermaker sports technology

Football-specific measures, such as handles, ball deliveries, ownership, kick velocity, time on the ball, and top speed, are all trackable through Playmaker.

 7. Lupa Run

Lupa run sports technology

Lupa Run serves as a virtual running coach by adopting a conscious, unique, and adaptable approach to running.

8. Buzzer

Buzzer sports technology

The Buzzer provides live athletic events that sports enthusiasts don’t want to miss. The user utilizes the app to follow their preferred sports, athletes, and teams.

9. Football, TOCA

Toca sports technology

Using cutting-edge technology, TOCA conducts training programs that help athletes become well-rounded individuals. TOCA uses accurate models and quality repetitions.


Homecourt sports technology

An engaging app called Homecourt can help you improve your basketball abilities. The software serves as a personal trainer and records your performance by establishing immersive drills.


Imaginactive sports technology

Imaginactive blends physical activity with entertainment with the goal of transforming workouts into immersive fitness experiences.

12. Kickoff.ai

Kickoff sports technology

This tool forecasts football game outcomes using machine learning. The tool predicts the expected results of upcoming games using team data from the past.

13. SwingVision

Swingvision sports technology

In conjunction with the Apple Watch, a sports phone application displays a video of your strike right away. It offers tips on how to improve your abilities.

14. Zone7

Zone7 sports technology

You can follow an athlete’s performance at the highest level thanks to a system. It is simple to connect to many different kinds of gadgets.

15. Scisports

Scisports sports technology

A recruitment agency solely dedicated to the sports industry. This allows using the player’s personalized parameters to select the best suitable for the squad.

16. Svexa

Svexa sports technology

A group of experts in big data and medicine founded this startup. It has developed algorithms to identify overtraining.

17. Sportsbox


A sports technology startup makes use of all the potential of computer vision. It records, gauges, and evaluates even the most intricate joint movements in humans.

18. Sportening

Sportening sports technology

Sportening is a cutting-edge messaging service for baseball fans with AI-driven information. It is situated in Croatia. The company offers material via chatbots supported by “super fans” of different clubs.

19. Rolla

Rolla sports technology

A firm in Bosnia and Herzegovina named Rolla develops apps that let users battle, track their progress, and also have fun while exercising both inside and outside.

20. Second Coach

Second coach sports technology

Slovenian developers created Second Coach, a gamification-based app, to encourage kids to train for sports.


Your routine calorie counting and exercise plan apps will no longer catch anyone off guard. Users today demand personalization, interaction, and quick results.

We can see how using technology in today’s athletics has become the norm. So, use these revolutionary ideas for starting any sports tech startup.

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