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15 Best Ways to Use Snapchat for Your Business

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These days, millions of people have adopted different social media platforms for various reasons. Hence, you cannot simply ignore Snapchat for business and other platforms. When implemented correctly, it can have a positive impact on your business. If your target market comprises of Generation Z audience, then adopting social media is essential. 71% of this particular audience uses Snapchat for their daily routines. Besides this, 51% use Snapchat approximately 11 times a day. It is a wonderful tool to tap teens, young adults as well as the older generation.

Snapchat for business – A viable marketing channel

This is indeed the best marketing tool to be used if your target market is between 12 and 34 ages. However, older generations are also fast catching up with this platform. Snapchat as of 2017 Q4 enjoyed active daily users of about 187 million. The last year saw a sharp increase in daily users by around 18%. This speaks volumes of this platform and the need for businesses to adopt it immediately in their marketing strategies.

How to use Snapchat for business?

How to use snapchat for business

It could be that you are new to this platform and want to know how to use it to favor your business prospects. There are fortunately 15 ways to promote your business on this platform.

  • Promote Snapchat account on different marketing channels: You will need lots of followers to be successful in Snapchat. Tap users following you on other platforms.
  • Post story frequently: Your account should always be active. Add content every day by posting interesting stories. This will enable your followers to stay connected with your business.
  • Allow social influencers to adopt your account: This will help increase engagements and get more followers. You can take advantage of other influencers and celebrities with a steady following.
  • Develop sponsored lens: Snapchat lenses and filters are a hit among users. Sponsored filters are viewed every day by about 16 million users. Filters allow creative images.
  • Offer promo codes and discounts: Provide your users with something they will love to engage with. Promotional codes and discounts are a fabulous way to drive sales as well as increase conversions.
  • User-generated content: Request followers to send videos and image using your products or interacting with your business. Repost it on your Snapchat story.
  • Promote new brand: Update your followers with exciting news related to your brand, especially new product launches. It can help develop hype and increase anticipation.
  • Adopt another account: This will allow you to convince the audience to follow your brand with engaging content. It also helps develop brand awareness.
  • Reply followers: This is an effective Snapchat for business strategy to use. Your story should be part of the content to engage your audience. Getting replies and direct messages from the audience will allow them to engage.
  • Offer exclusive access: Snapchat offers your followers the opportunity to get behind-the-scenes content. Your followers can know what is happening in your production facility or office.
  • Promote upcoming events: Keep your audience informed about future events or meetings. You can also request them to visit in person to show their support.
  • Post relevant content: Use the Snapchat tool to let know your brand on different topics and not just images of your services/products. Also, discuss charities.
  • Publish important milestones: It can be anything like CEO’s birthday, 10th anniversary, or getting the 10,000th
  • Drive traffic to your site: There is a feature in Snapchat that allows adding links to stories. Use your camera to take video or stories and add the same to your story.
  • Mix & Match: Ensure publishing only relevant, interesting and engaging content.

Your Snapchat for business strategies should comprise the above points without fail to achieve sure success.

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